Avengers #19 Review

 Avengers v5 019-000

Avengers #19

Written by: Jonathan Hickman
Art by: Leinel Francis Yu

Things couldn’t get any worse for the Avengers and the Galactic Council, right? We’d all be wrong to assume so, and given this is Hickman at the steering wheel he has once again thrown us for a loop as we figure out just what needs to be done to get control of this situation.

Now that the effects of Infinity have really set in, you realize that such things that really made Avengers great really don’t hold as much weight on this event as you’d think. The focus is more so on the nature of this conflict. The doom and gloom of it all, and the focus on what it means for the Universe to encounter a force that leaves them with surrender or loss of everything they have strived for. It is the first time that you really see what lies within the hearts of some of these races, be it good or bad, and that is the driving force for this fight. It’s not just about the Avengers and everyone holds some weight in what could be their very end. That one traitor which we were told could shake things up, did so in a way that leaves you anticipating the fate of everyone that it put in danger. A well placed cliffhanger in general.

Aside from this we get a better understanding of the Builder’s intentions which have been the biggest question throughout this whole series. You understood it from one perspective, then you get it from another, but as they overlap they start to make a lot more sense.

This event is definitely one in which Leinel Francis Yu shines as an artist. When I look at everything that has occurred up to this point I get that feeling as if he was meant to be that the head of the art. This includes the layout of the book as well with such panels as Captain America overlapping some of the panel frames.

Great issue in which you aren’t distracted by the fighting or finding it necessary to feel drawn into this war. There’s just so much packed into this event and even if you find it overwhelming, its chaotic fun. In the sense that they are all facing a threat which has forced them all in a situation in which they fear it may be their last stand.

Score: 9/10

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