The Shadow #17 Review

 The Shadow 017 (2013) (Digital) (Darkness-Empire) 001

The Shadow #17

Written by: Chris Roberson
Art by: Giovanni Timpano

Cranston puts his skills to the test in order to bring to justice the Light. Someone who has been introduced and rivals him in the best way possible to deliver an interesting story. It is their conflict in belief that separates them, yet their cause which makes this so intense because they overstep each others boundaries.

Cranston and Miss Lane figuring out that the Light has been under their noses the entire time is a moment I’ve waited for a long time. Some of the best cases are the ones so obvious that you never see it till it smacks you in the face. That is what Roberson did and is was well executed for the fact that they are dealing with someone who was raised believing what she has been doing is right. Her conviction is so strong that she will not let The Shadow, who claims just like her to serve justice, keep her from her holy mission. One which we have a better understanding of from her flashbacks which are well placed at the beginning. Makes her skills more convincing when you see that she may actually have some holy gifts.

Chris Roberson shows to know detective work and his way around the process. Displaying Cranston’s swift skills in finding out just who the light is. This is what readers should want to see when picking up a pulp story like The Shadow. You have the crimes, motives, and trails which always leads back to the person in question.

What makes this case so unique is the atmosphere set forth by the story. And this is in relation to the art which gives that tone as if we’re looking at two sides of a coin. When The Light and The Shadow are in the same panel you enjoy seeing how she radiates white and the Shadow is as black as night. This includes the well handled flashbacks which explore more of Esclarmonde’s past while being displayed in a tone which properly depicts that time period.

Great issue that creates an intense atmosphere from conflict of beliefs. That is enough for any two people to have a disagreement over and it almost always leads to violence as we see displayed. Not to such extent, but it can always reach that point if justice, and the right brand is not served. The cliffhanger this ended on is something I like to see when the climax has been reached. Both done running and chasing, ready to put everything on the line and end it at that very moment.

Score: 8.6/10

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