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Today’s comic recommendation is DC Comics Injustice Gods Among Us, written by Tom Taylor and art by Jheremy Raapack, Tom Derenick, and Mike S. Miller. The book as we all should know is based on DC’s latest highly anticipated video game from the makers of Mortal Kombat carrying the same title. This prequel explains the events leading up to the start of this game and explains somethings in between as well.

Injustice 31There are many readers who underestimate the ability of a prequel to tell a story worth following. Since the very beginning that is what Tom Taylor has done with this series. Going on 35 issues this series has done nothing but impress as a representation of what DC has to offer. You aren’t just reading what lead to that moment, you are getting a new perspective on it altogether. What you thought didn’t make sense now makes sense. What you thought should have been explored is explored in this story. What added to the emotional impact of the overall story this book provided for you. So many gaps and mysteries in between at the same time which makes you wish those five years skipped in the game was acted upon.

As I have said before, week after week Tom has been able to deliver such an entertaining story with great character moments. He has proven with this series that he can handle as many characters and still find a way to give them the spotlight. That’s something you won’t get from many team books out there these days. This may be a war, but it doesn’t mean that lives are thrown away unnecessarily or heroes are thrown in just for the action. This is story driven more than reliance on fighting or shock value. Anything you feel comes natural, the characters reactions to the world around them comes natural as well. This isn’t anything forced rather than taking advantage of what they would do in such a scenario and taking opportunity of their strengths. When you put these heroes against the wall, that is when you really can see what they’re capable of.

INJUST_Cv2Though the book has a cycle through three artists, each one brings something to the table which fits the story in its own way. The way this book is laid out is like chapters, for the most part an artist will handle one and majority of the time you would not notice the change because it accompanies the tone of the story so well. The difference between the comic and the game is that in this book there is less censored. No punches are pulled and everything is there for you to really feel the impact and consequences of everyone’s actions.

This is a dramatic tale in which no matter who leads or who “wins”, everybody loses in some way. No one is safe either and it creates such an intense atmosphere that Tom Taylor has been able to capture perfectly. One book which you can read without worrying about continuity. It stands alone and is highly recommended if you are looking for something new. If you question prequels then don’t look at it as if it is one. You could very easily pick up this book and forget that it even is attached to a game. Tom understands these characters and does good service by them to show a side of them you have not seen before.

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