What We Know So Far About Marvel NOW! Wave 2

Marvel NOW! Wave Two Big

Marvel’s second wave of Marvel NOW! titles has finally gone public. New monthly titles, character reinventions and new jumping on points starting with “Avengers” #24.NOW by Jonathan Hickman and Esad Ribic before new monthly series “All-New Invaders” by James Robinson and Steve Pugh and “Inhuman” by Matt Fraction and Joe Madureira follow along.

Axel Alonso says “All-New Marvel NOW! is all about providing big open doorways into the Marvel Universe, so we figured what better way to kick things off than a brand-new, accessible story featuring the biggest super heroes in the world? “Avengers #24.NOW” is the beginning of a big new story by Jonathan [Hickman] that’ll be accessible to anyone who wasn’t there for issue #1 and exciting to anyone who was. With All-New Marvel NOW!, we’re providing clean jumping-on points for all our ongoing series from “Deadpool” to “Captain America” to “All-New X-Men”, as well as brand-new ongoing series that prove the Marvel catalog rolls deep. Matt Fraction and Joe Madueira’s “Inhuman” and James Robinson and Steve Pugh’s “All-New Invaders” are just two of the incredible new series we have planned for 2014. I can’t wait to announce what we have coming.”

Avengers #24.NOW” is the opening chapter of the next phase of Jonathan’s master plan for the Avengers. All-New Invaders is standalone and blasts out the starting gate while being extremely relevant to the current Marvel Universe. And Inhuman spins out of Infinity, while being assured that it will be accessible for anyone that didn’t read Infinity.

Inhuman is expected to weave together two stories. You’ll meet new characters that are suddenly endowed with strange powers that link them to a secret society with a complex and bloody history. Their stories will provide a ground’s eye view of what it feels like to be born as an “Inhuman” in a Marvel Universe that might not be ready for you. You’ll also see how pre-existing Inhumans Black Bolt, Medusa, Gorgon, Maximus, etc. deal with the emergence and grand implications of new Inhumans in the Marvel Universe. Suffice it to say, Black Bolt is not in complete control of his people. Everyone’s paths will converge at some point, of course, and in ways you’ll never predict. The architecture of this series is complex and ambitious. A year ago, we promised that “Nova” and the “Guardians of the Galaxy” were going to be power-players in the Marvel Universe in 2013, 2014 will see the rise of the Inhumans.

It all sounds exciting yet still a bit confusing when most sources have said Wave 2 began with Avengers A.I., which makes you question what to make of that Superior Foes/Team-Up, or Might Avengers.

Source: comicbookresources

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