Harbinger #16 Review


Harbinger #16

Written by: Joshua Dysart
Art by: Barry Kitson

Feeling mind blown is an understatement from this issue. It was just last issue that fans were driven to tears by the death of Torque, but now as expected things are not as they seem. It’s great because once again you are left with more questions than answers, and the answers are sometimes more shocking than you’d expect.

Dysart had some clever writing with this world he created around Torque. It was something believable up to the very end, and you would never question what the situation really was unless he revealed it himself. You’d question the limits of Torque’s projections, the limits of Kris’s powers and sanity, and then question if what is happening at that very moment is real. As Faith said, it was all so believable because what’s occurred up to this point is everything they wanted. Their strengths, weaknesses, qualities were all taken advantage of and when you consider everything good or bad that they’ve gone through. Again clever on Dysart’s end and clever of the person behind it all. No one is safe and that is the point I see driven home.

The only thing you could question is if anything that happened in the last issue is really valid. So much makes sense, yet not everything clicks instantly. It’s something we will hopefully come to understand in time, though you would expect everything to fall in place within reason knowing that something which got to so many fans emotionally could be watered down by mind games.

Aside from this you do enjoy the design of each character in Torquehalla. It matches them perfectly and the world around them fit’s Torque’s personality given how much of a brute he can be. You can already tell it’s his version of Valhalla and it’s unique to his “hardcore” mentality.

Great issue that is leading towards something interesting from this group. Nothing is as it really seems and what you want to see is how the can overcome something they never saw coming. Well one person has, but we’ll see if things go their way because that is something you don’t want to trick yourself into thinking at any point.

Score: 8.2/10

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