Infinity #3 Review


Infinity #3

Written by: Jonathan Hickman
Art by: Jerome Opena and Dustin Weaver

As the biggest event to unfold in Marvel this year, Infinity proves to be that perfect balance between Avengers and New Avengers that you’d just barely remember that it’s only a mini series. It’s progression is so balanced that the only way you could find yourself lost is if you were not following both books before entering this event. As a shared world, this is the pinnacle of what you can accomplish and it is everything Hickman has set in motion to occur, mysteries, vagueness and all.

The only problem anyone could find is that it was pretty obvious as to what ties the two story lines together. As stated in the last issue of Avengers, the Builders are on a collision course directly for Earth and that is the only planet that really matters. It is their ultimate goal to reach it and destroy it. The answer being very plain as day, the incursions. Earth is threatening the rest of the universe simply by existing. The abuse of time, breaking time and space, destroying other Earths just to survive. What does it matter to the builders to destroy one insignificant back water planet to save the rest of the universe. That is the connection and everyone else fighting are doing so because they stand in the way.

Infinity continues to be a tale that brings forth that dramatic element which keeps it down to Earth when everything seems to epic in proportion. Building up momentum as the may have been knocked on their asses, but they are far from out of the fight. Doesn’t matter how separate Thanos’ plans are from the Builders, the main point is that Earth finds itself at the center of this madness and both parties seek something from it which ends in Earths destruction. The Builders see Earth as  threat, and Thanos is looking for his son. None need support from each other and that is the great thing about this story that Hickman created. If they connected than it would become a cluster of heroes overlapping each other when they can be used for different purposes. Again showing his great use of the library of heroes he has at his disposal.

Hickman, Opena, and Weaver delivered again as a cohesive team. Even though there are more artists involved than Opena and Weaver, they all are able to bring something to the table which makes this event look so stunning in visuals. It’s cohesive and it has remained consistent throughout which is all that you could ask from a creative team of artists. You have that tone, galactic atmosphere, dark feel from their urgency, and best of all the handling of the characters anatomies which is most detailed.

Score: 9.3/10

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