Ultimate Comics: X-Men #31 Review

 Ultimate Comics X-Men 031-000

Ultimate Comics: X-Men #31

Written by: Brian Wood
Art by: Alvaro Martinez

A civil war amongst mutants that has proven to be anything but civil. World War X is doing things right that many other similar stories could learn from in terms of treating a war like it really is. This much Brian Wood shows to have a handle of and while nothing significant occurred, we got to see how creative Wood can be with this cast of mutants.

What this storyline has done well in so far is avoiding reliance on action. While it is something to be delivered and expected, we see more of the political and tactical sides of this fight. Again this Kitty Pryde is someone you come to like because she sees her faults and uses them as an advantage. While her powers aren’t entirely offensive, she proves to be smart enough to handle an army and u everyone where they need to be. This is clever on Woods part too because he’s taking advantage of what these mutants are capable of and trying something new with them, taking a different approach to how they would go about handling this situation. It really has this gritty feel to it and that is said both for the mood of the story and the tone that he art gives. Not to say everything looks that way, but what holds most importance really gives that feeling and Martinez best displays this.

Things such as combining the skills of Magma, Shola and Nomi to be able to create something as strong as a rail gun. Or even putting Peter in place as the new face of Utopia. Someone who intimidates, has the strength to back it up, and is gentle enough to give Jean a hard time to slander in front of the public. Both leaders are doing everything possible to keep the other from gaining too much ground and it creates an anticipation for them to make that one move which will flip the game on the other.

Things are heating up and you should not count out the mutant’s importance in the Ultimate Universe. They are making a statement and doing so in a way that you would not get from the 616 Universe. That is what makes these events unique and Woods has really set them apart from what we find familiar with them. Meaning we get something new and we can easily be surprised because of it.

Score: 8.5/10

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