Comic Recommendation: Infinity Heist

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Today’s comic recommendation is Marvel’s Infinity Heist by Frank Tieri.

“As the Marvel Universe prepares for Thanos, Spymaster and some of Marvel’s best baddies decided where there is chaos, there is opportunity! It’s the crime of the century and an alien invasion is all the cover they need, so why is Blizzard having doubts?”

Heist is a great distraction from everything world threatening and one that you don’t have to take as serious as the rest tied to it. Showing how much of an effect Infinity has on the world and how rooted it is that these villains can make something positive out of it. Damn that the world may be coming to an end if they can pull off the ultimate heist. Tieri gives you a more street level story that shows you what happens when the Avengers aren’t around to keep the peace. The bond between Whirlwind and Blizzard as well allows you to feel some attachment to them even if they have done wrong.

Infinity_Heist_Vol_1_2_TextlessWe get to see characters that haven’t been seen in a while and they are given some relevance, even if it is just for this short time. The dark humor is something to love because it gives you the same feeling you’d get from Superior Foes of Spider-Man. Another fun book from a villain’s perspective and meets that same quality of writing. Overall it’s something new and the mature tone of it all makes it something convincing as this is one score they don’t feel like failing yet again when things are right for the taking. First issue is fun and leaves room for anything to happen. They are all fully capable villains who have something to offer. I mean what more could you ask for than to see a crew led by Spymaster and those like Blizzard, Whiplash, Whirlwind, and Titanium Man.

What stands out more than anything is the clean style of the art. Seeing some characters like Whiplash who resembles his movie counterpart, and overall the anatomy of the characters is on point. That’s both the story and the interior art that this is worth picking up for.

Infinity Heist is recommended for all fans of villains. If you’re tired of all the heroics or overwhelmed by it, Heist is a fun adventure to jump into without feeling like you’re investing your time into something you might not be able to commit to. The first issue was a great start to a story you could pick up on without following the chaos that Infinity has brought to Earth’s front door. It almost feels movie-like, as if you were watching one of those heist films and this is one centered around people with powers, and of course villains.

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