Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. – “0–8–4” Review


*Spoilers ahead*

Many would fear that characterization could become an issue, but that was not the case for this episode. As last episode ended with Coulson pointing out that they weren’t a team yet, here we got to get that focus on how they built that bond. One thing Whedon does best is letting every character grow, exploring their past, flaws, personalities, and so forth. All this we got from 0-8-4 and more. Coulson met someone familiar from his past, and while all we know is that they had feelings for each other to some extent, it was enough to throw a curve ball to him knowing how sentimental he can be.

Here we got a more serious story out of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.. Everybody who wasn’t okay with the humor has basically written the show off as one that would depend heavily upon it. While again I could emphasize the central tone of the world it’s centered around, you have to remember that this is a new world they are all stepping into and this is only their second mission together. Whedon really shows their clashing personalities as each reacts differently to being caught in a war zone. This was nothing Fitz and Simmons expected to run into being lab rats, May doesn’t like to be put into action situations, Ward sees himself as a one man army, and Skye pretty much feels as thought she’s acting against everything she stands for. They’ve all been put into situations that they aren’t used to and that is when you see them at their worst and their best. Shot at, held at gun point, tied up on a plane, and fighting their way to get control back of the plane while a hole in it could have easily tossed any one of them to their death. These are the dangers they can expect to face and why things shouldn’t be expected to be as campy as it was in the pilot.

Skye Ep.2

One thing that we saw develop was the team’s trust in Skye, mainly Ward and May. Skye officially joins the team and Agents Ward and May aren’t too happy about it. Unlike everyone else she is inexperienced and hasn’t really proven herself beyond being able to hack their systems with ease. This was key to them becoming a team because you have to show that trust which they must have in each other when in danger.

Fury’s cameo at the end was very surprising, bit of humor viewers are treated to at the end of all this intensity. One of many to come which we should hope is handled as subtly and swift without too much influence on the story.

The one constant that needs to be addressed is Coulson pointing out his experience in Tahiti. That could easily get old soon as he’s said that already 4 times now in 2 episodes, they should try to shake it up soon so that it becomes more apparent that things aren’t as they seem for him.

Solid transition from the pilot and again shows the potential this show holds when you have such twists from Skye and Coulson to look forward to. Now that we have such things as them being able to work as a group out-of-the-way, now they can move forward to accomplish bigger missions. Ones which count on them setting their differences aside and being able to understand each other. All of them have something to offer and its a matter of taking advantage of it when the opportunity arises.

Score: 4/5

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