One-Shot: Addressing Early Criticisms of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.


With the premiere of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., there was a lot of satisfaction from the pilot, yet of course came the criticisms from those who felt disappointed. Either hype, or expectations came in the way of some being able to find a reason to continue to follow the show and there are reasons to do so. You just have to give it a chance and realize that it’s just starting and won’t be 100% perfect right away. Not many shows can pull that off with the standards viewers set for them.


In this show you can expect references, whether you like them or not. This show is as much of a bridge to the movies as it is to the comics. That means making this feel as though it’s actually taking place in the Marvel Universe. This means hearing familiar references like “Journey Into Mystery”, hearing Skye say “With great power comes a lot of crap you’re not ready for”, and then everything else connecting this show to the events of Avengers.

As this series is set for the general audience, it’s nonetheless one that stems from comics. That’s something you can’t take from this no matter how different the approach is. Whedon made this into a show that works for people who haven’t seen the Marvel movies. Yes, it is adjacent to Avengers, but it stands on its own as one that sees things from a different perspective. We see things from a street level, as an organization S.H.I.E.L.D. are the underdogs and have a front row seat to everything involving superheroes that will shape the world we know it will become.

Familiar Faces

They already emphasized that major superheroes aren’t to be expected, they want some familiar faces, but the heroes will be molded into something new that fits the Cinematic world. Michael Peterson is the best example of this if people didn’t notice. He’s someone fans would only recognize by his name because he was in Avengers Initiative, but aside from that he’s someone completely new. Different background, came into the idea of superheroics differently, and of course fits into a world where people have powers they can’t comprehend. That is what you will get a majority of the time and it really doesn’t hurt if they want to treat the fans to heroes that are popular and may add something exciting to the world they’re creating.


Some people had false expectations of it and were some how let down by it somehow being “cheesy”. While that could be the case for some people, to think they wouldn’t have gotten that level of humor was kinda odd seeing how it’s the same people in charge of it’s production.This is the tone of the Cinematic World in general having that balance of humor and seriousness. Like Angel, Buffy, and Firefly, Whedon never bogs everything down making things overly intense, he tries to get a wider audience making it something most ages can watch.

Again, as to people saying it doesn’t look good or they thought it was cheesy, this is clearly Whedon back on television and a lot of people may get into it later with regrets they didn’t start right away. This is a true statement as you can’t safely assume the intentions they have when the atmosphere is only just set. They aren’t a team and that development will create bumps which will give you a lot more than just the humor you think will ruin the show, that is if it is a problem for you.

You just have to remember that they aren’t catering to just you. You can have your humor, grit, darkness, intensity, drama, but that will not always be present. You just have to keep in mind that this really is something that is accessible for many to find interest in. This week’s episode was a lot darker, more intense, something people probably didn’t expect because they already wrote it off as a campy show.

Skye Ep.2

Seeing The Characters For Who They Are

Much is to be expected of this show in episodes to come, but you always have to remember not to expect too much from a team of agents because the focus is on them and they aren’t superheroes. Off the bat people look at them for what’s on the surface rather than what they all have in common, they’re flawed and broken. Ward is asocial and thinks he can handle things by himself, both Fitz and Simmons attach to each other because they lack an attachment to anything outside their fields. May has a troubled past which makes her less than happy when put into a position where she has to fight, and Skye is not someone you don’t overlook as bubbly and goofy because she doesn’t fit the stereotype of a hacker, there’s a reason she’s such a mystery and one which might be unraveled with time. Lets not forget Coulson who there is more to him that they can’t say because of his apparent death by Loki, such a nice guy can easily fall apart when faced with his mortality.

Overall the cast is very funny, they have a dependency on each other which should play well into the plot down the road. While majority remain a mystery being the first episode you come to find them likable. Coulson remains that laid-back yet familiar face being the fan favorite from the start. Fitz and Simmons have a sibling like relationship, Ward is stiff, Skye is that rogue who is pretty quirky.

Just look at last night’s episode, they on the spot addressed the fact that his team is young and good looking. They don’t want you to focus on that and if you do you’re doing yourself no favors.

Enjoying The Show For What it is

One complaint that I found hard to understand was hearing that the show is nothing special, that it’s not groundbreaking. You kinda ruin the show for yourself when you expect that much of any show, let alone the pilot. Not every TV show has to be “groundbreaking.” This show is so far fun and entertaining, that’s all you could ask for from a Marvel TV show. Could have been the hype, but even so the blame can’t be the show’s when you build it up to be something that it can never possibly live up to. We’ve basically been spoiled with these awesome movies, and while I can understand why people were expecting something huge, it’s still only a TV show. People outside the entire notion of the show, if you’ve known about the show for the last two weeks you shouldn’t expect to see Thor or Iron Man just popping by.

Their motivations, enemies, hierarchy, divisions, everything was there for you to see what really happens behind the scenes.  Everything is straight forward and they don’t give you anymore than what you need to know. It’s not one of those series where they have to hold your hand and what you don’t get, others may find easier since connections to the comics may go over your head.

Doesn’t really need to be special, just good for what it is as a connection to the Cinematic Universe. Asking for it to be serious is basically forgetting that every other movie isn’t entirely serious.


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