Marvel Teases “Frenemies”, “Descent”, “War”, “Defend”, “Extinction” And “Trust”

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Today reveals yet another teaser, this one in particular pretty vague as it says “Frenemies” . Same design though the lettering is a mix of black, white, and blue, very patriotic. Frenemies is written by Ales Kot and artist Michael Walsh. Descent is written by Dennis Hopeless and artist Kev Walker. Having a red and black mesh, it could possibly be a continuation of Avengers Arena depending on how this storyline ends.

War is written by Chris Yost and artist Marcus To. Not much to go off of here though you could assume this one could deal with Wolverine giving his change in costume and color of it. Same design though the lettering is a mix of red, white, and blue, very patriotic. Defend is written by Ales Kot and artist Garry Brown. The color scheme gives us the assumption that this could be a relaunch of or fresh arc from Secret Avengers. Or it may deal with Earths Mightiest Heroes and whoever is in the Patriot suit.

Extinction is written by Sam Humphries and artist André Araújo. Seems as though this one may either be a relaunch of Avengers A.I., or the assumption of the title could even mean Uncanny Avengers given the current storyline. 

Trust is written by Al Ewing and artist Lee Garbett. With bright yellow lettering it may either be Mighty Avengers or New Warriors, that seems to be the general assumption at this point.

More will be revealed at Marvel’s Inhumanity and All-New Marvel NOW! panel during NYCC 2013 on October 12th.

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