Pulp Review



Written by: Jeremy Holt
Art by: Chris Peterson

The book lives up to its name. Felt like a noir film and looked like one as well. As a one-shot, Jeremy is able to tell a story which brings out different emotions knowing that by the end of the book, nothing is really as it seems. You get a sense of clarity as everything seems too normal, but you get that sense of struggle that comes with a pulp tale.

It’s an interesting tale from a writer’s point of view, Jonh’s. He’s comes off as one of those successful writers that has the tendency to isolate himself in order to get better results out of his work. You could clearly see his obsession because of how often he is seen writing and how rapidly he hits those keys, it takes that kind of dedication to be able to do that much. This is just everything seen on the surface, and there’s much more to it than that. You do notice how this is for a mature audience as well. Things like offering “coffee”, to sexual tones, to some of the graphic scenes seen near the end.

Pulp really has this simple look to it, feels classic so to speak. One which isn’t demanding, and has a good use of blue, and orange.

If you are a fan of pulp stories, noir stories, or just one that has a good twist, this is the book for you. This is a classic tale of how life is for a writer back then. How well things can go, and how wrong they can go. This book has both to offer and it adds to the emotional impact of realizing what is really going on. Sympathy and a bit of wonder is what you feel when this story hits some of those important points of engagement.

Score: 8.5/10

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