America’s Got Powers #7 Review

America's Got Powers 007 (2013) (Digital) (K6-Empire) 00

America’s Got Powers #7

Written by: Jonathan Ross
Art by: Bryan Hitch

Well it took maybe a year to reach the end, but here we have the final conclusion to America’s Got Powers. Off the bat I have to say that as much as this was anticipated, the wait between each issue really hurt the impact that this story had on you. Sure Jonathan Ross and Bryan Hitch had their reasons, but for a book that’s only 7 issues, there could have been some urgency to see it through in a manner that shows they care for those who follow this story.

Last issue left us with the Senator making her final move to take Tommy before the military blows him to bits with everyone in the stadium. This conclusion felt very political in a sense, a lot of argument about who was right, and what was right for them in the face of death. It was basically kill or be killed since they could not be controlled or used. Pretty much everything that this story neglected to touch upon since first addressing those issues at the start. What bothered me was how willing Tommy’s closest friend is to killing yet condemn everyone else for it because she believed she is in the right. Then Tommy suddenly at the very end realizing that he can give others including himself power through an item. Does well for the plot, but hard to ignore.

Aside from all this, the art is something which makes you feel the excitement this story calls for. Hitch makes everything feel so climatic and when Tommy unleashes his power you get that feeling that something big is about to happen. otherwise it’s really just cool to see a bunch of people with powers clashing.

Good conclusion to a series that shows us a world with powers that wasn’t prepared for such a gift. We got emotion, action, resolution, all that we could have expected in this single issue. I mean overall it could have been better, but it is good for what it is. With that said, the story does end on a cliffhanger which could either mean there’s more to come down the road, or Ross is just teasing us readers. Either way you’d just hope there’s a bit more effort to get issues of that out faster if something they announce.

Score: 8.2/10

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