Batgirl #24 Review


Batgirl #24

Written by: Gail Simone
Art by: Fernando Pasarin

It’s a sad life for Barbara. Nothing has been easy for her since the supposed death of James and things have only gone downhill as time passes. When they say that no one in the Bat Family lives a happy life, this right here shows exactly how that can be for them. Her back is against the wall with guilt, he may lose Ricky, and keeping her identity as Batgirl is in constant question. You just have to ask how much is enough for her?

This applies to Commissioner Gordon who has gone through quite an ordeal and even more of one in this very issue. Finding himself in danger once again because he looked into something that he wasn’t prepared to handle when confronted for it. If there was any reason for Barbara to kick it into high gear, it’s when someone is messing with her family. That is the one theme Gail Simone has made clear and is the driving force for this story. Everything that happens adds to why this is such an important part of Barbara’s life, no matter who she considers family.

This had a very dark and grim feel to it. That much can be said given the dark tones used throughout. Though of course it is set at night for the most part that seems to be the best way to capture this story.

Her narration is something that consistently sets the tone for this book. Even if it feels as though she’s constantly talking to herself, you get an idea of how badly everything is effecting her, how her thoughts are so mixed with emotion and confusion. Made this a very believable situation that she finds herself in and that is why this was such an intense book to read. Momentum is still being cranked up and Gail Simone makes it certain that you can still expect so much more.

Score: 9.3/10

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