Infinity #4 Review


Infinity #4

Written by: Jonathan Hickman
Art by: Jerome Opena and Dustin Weaver

The catalyst for Inhumanity has now been revealed. This is a very eventful issue that keeps up the pacing that Infinity has managed to keep consistent throughout. Here we continue with the negotiation to save all worlds, and Thane’s son finally comes into his birthright. Very big things happen and you can leave it to Hickman to be able to tell them right. The teamwork of Opena and Weaver manages to still impress even though it is easy to see where one ends and the other begins. The best choices for Infinity and really do bring this event to life.

Up to now the answers were in the air as to what could bring about the new Inhumans all over Earth, and it was staring us all in the face this entire time. A final act by Blackbolt trying to take Thanos with him and set off the machine to activate those with Inhuman DNA which ended in a pretty intense fight. Though short-lived, you could see the urgency Thanos had to find his son, he killed all of the rest and so many to let just one slip by.

Then came the negotiation which was the Council’s one last chance to put this war in their favor. Everything depended on this and Hickman makes sure that everyone understands this knowing that they don’t have many choices left. Of everything Thor has went through in Avengers in terms of his views on mortality, he was the best choice by Cap and Hickman to speak on their behalf. Someone who clearly understands the value of life and how important this moment was for them all. For those who notice this which made the negotiation that much more brilliantly handled, the Builder quoted the same phrase from Loki in the Avengers film. “This is good… Does it not suit you better? Is it not your natural state?” Definitely the highlight of this issue.

This was an astounding issue of Infinity that turns the tide of the war. Time after time Hickman delivers on those moments that really stand out and those last few pages of this issue are enough to make you want more, the next issue could not come any sooner.

Score: 9.5/10

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