Ultimate Comics X-Men #32 Review


Ultimate Comics X-Men #32

Written by: Brian Wood
Art by: Alvaro Martinez

World War X part four, Utopia is preparing to make their final move on Tian. This story has succeeded in creating that sense of suspense up to the very last moment. All the sacrifice, loss, heartache, is all for this very moment. They’ve all fought for their freedom, though Utopia has just earned theirs and aren’t going to give it up so easily because someone demanded it of them.

Again Woods shows us how far Jean is willing to go in order to win this war. What she has done already and almost killing James made her cross that line where the end didn’t justify the means. It is because of this that both she and Kitty are about to have what might be their final confrontation. Only one of them can really survive in order for their to be peace and I like how Woods has set this up. Especially in Kitty’s case because she has given up so much and would give up her own life to put an end to the war right now.

The story maintains that gritty look to it which is to be expected when things are so intense. The end is nigh and if you aren’t following this story, you’d best do so or miss out on what really should be the biggest moment for mutantkind in the Ultimate Universe. The transition from against the world to against each other has been the best story decision that Brian Wood could have made. They have their freedom, but now it’s their choice as to what they should do with it. This is a conflict of interest and the two heads of this conflict will end it before it gets any worse.

Score: 8.8/10

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    (October 11, 2013 - 10:55 am)

    Ever since Cyclops dies in Ultimatum Jean Grey is a broken shell of what she used to be. Add the revelation of the origins of mutants in Ultimate Marvel and I see her as lost as Quicksilver or worse. This is a war to sustain her ego and nothing else. She chose to run when the US were hunting mutants while Kitty Chose to fight. She underestimate Kitty’s ability to win a war ( she won 2 so far in Divided We Fall, United We Stand and Natural Resources) and if there is a new Dark Ultimates team (one can only hope) I see her easily joining them to try to “redeem” herself.

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