NYCC 2013: DC Comics’ The New 52 Panel


John Cunningham introduced the last DC Comics panel of Saturday, their New 52 panel, starting with Brian Buccellato, and moving to James Tynion, Paul Levitz, Nicola Scott, Cliff Chiang, and Charles Soule.

The Flash

The Flash #24 is the final issue by the full team of Buccellato and Francis Manapul. Buccellato will have one more issue after, but says this one is special and finishes with “The End.” The team will move on to Detective Comics, which he says is “super exciting.”

Worlds’ Finest

Levitz was next with Worlds’ Finest. He teased that Power Girl’s powers will be fluctuating a bit going from “scary powerful” to “not quite working.”

Earth 2

Nicola Scott talked about Earth 2 #16, and said “in our universe, compared to the primary universe, the heroes don’t always win.” She loved working with Robinson, and is now excited for incoming writer Tom Taylor, who like Scott is Austrailian.

wonderwoman27Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman #24 starts “year 3 of our epic,” said Cliff Chiang. The issue will deal with her new status quo as the God of War in the Greek pantheon. The cover to #27 was shown, with a bunch of shattered (and bloody) statues. “Her war with the first born is going to escalate and she’ll need all the help she can get – which may include some of her sisters.”

Swamp Thing

Swamp Thing #24 brought Soule into the spotlight. The Seeder is finally confronted by Swamp Thing, and it turns out he is Jason Woodrue, “a character from Swamp Thing history.” After they fight, “the council of trees says they like Woodrue and are going to let him fight for the role as Avatar of the Green.”

Swamp Thing Annual #2 will see him confront the council of trees and learn more about his role, and introduce the Burgher Thing, an old avatar from Germany.

Red Hood and the Outlaws

Red Hood and the Outlaws #24 (out next week) will reveal much of the mysteries Tynion has been setting up for his run. Jason Todd is the head of the League of Assassins now, but he has a specific reason for doing that. “This leads into our Zero Year issue, then back for the finale of the arc. We’ve torn the Outlaws down, and now we’re going to bring them back together.

“The Zero Year issue will show how the Red Hood gang affects Jason Todd’s life while he’s growing up in Crime Alley. It’s an incredible set piece that takes place in the past, and all of the creators doing Zero Year issues are really excited about how we get to focus on the characters for it.”


Talon #12 has “everything I’ve been building towards for the first year of the series,” Tynion said. The issue will bring Batman in, and we’ll see how and why he disapproves of Calvin operating in the city. “All of his fears will be proven right, and it makes for a hell of a story.”


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