NYCC 2013: Inhumanity And All-New Marvel NOW! Panel

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This Saturday afternoon at their “Inhumanity” and All-New Marvel NOW! panel, Marvel has another panel focusing on their upcoming post-“Infinity” status quo and their current promotional push.


Hickman starts the panel telling the crowd about the currently unfolding “Infinity” event series, and how it sets the table for “Inhumanity.” “It’s a very important thing for Marvel,” Hickman says. “In ‘Infinity’ proper, we’re going to kick it off the right way.”

“Like all big events, when ‘Infinity’ comes to a close, you’re going to have ripple effects,” Alonso adds, saying that the newly activated Inhumans are “here to stay.” “The thing about Inhumans is, they’re very powerful and they pre-date the mutant ,and they pre-date the superhero. The Inhumans are part of our long-term plan. You want to know who they are, because they’re going to matter.”

Ultimate Universe event

Next is Cataclysm, which starts with “Ultimate Comics Cataclysm” #0.1. “This is an event that we’ve talked about for a while,” Paniccia says. “It’s a really good story. I understand why we’re doing it.” Paniccia then acts visibly despondent — likely playing on the story’s tease that it might be the end of the Ultimate Universe — and walks off the panel, seemingly convincing a good amount of fans in the crowd.


Alonso on “Inhuman,” debuting in January: “This is about normal people waking up to discover that they’ve got these incredible powers, and are connected to this ancient society that’s kind of weird and strange. And not everyone’s going to like their powers, to put it that way.”

Iron PatriotIron Patriot

The “Defend” teaser was promoting “Iron Patriot,” written by Ales Kot and illustrated by Garry Brown, and starting in March 2014. The announcement gets a loud reaction. “Rhodey’s been a Secret Avenger, he’s done a lot of global special ops missions, and he gets fed up with it.” The series is about James Rhodes becoming his own man, away from Iron Man, Paniccia says.

All-New Invaders

Paniccia rejoins the panel to discuss “All-New Invaders,” also starting in January. Citing series writer James Robinson’s love of Golden Age characters, Paniccia says, “Very organically, a cosmic element came out of this, where the Kree have a device that can control the Asgardians. Back in World War II, Bucky, The Human Torch and Namor stopped it, and they hid the device.” The series is set in the present, using those WWII events as the jumping-off point.

Ghost Rider

Next announcement, tied to the “Overdrive” teaser: “Ghost Rider,” starting in March 2014 from writer Felipe Smith and artist Tradd Moore; getting another warm reaction. Paniccia says there’s not much he can say about it at this point, but it’s completely different take on the character than what fans have seen before.

Silver SurferSilver Surfer

The “Rad!” teaser, as expected, promoted “Silver Surfer” from Dan Slott and artist Mike Allred, also starting in March 2014. Crowd is pleased. “When I was growing up, the first superhero comic I ever read was ‘The Galactus Trilogy,” Slott said. “Surfer’s like the first Marvel hero I ever met.”

Slott says there’s a “girl involved” in the story, and that he conceived the book with Allred in mind, even though at the time the artist was committed to “FF.” “When we give Mike the first plot, he read it, and said, ‘Did you write this for me?'” Slott says Allred may be the first “Silver Surfer” artist who actually is a surfer. Silver Surfer’s going to meet a kindred spirit in a woman from Earth, Slott says. “You’re going to find out that the universe is more fun when you see it with someone,” the writer continues.”

Ghost Rider_Trad MooreFantastic Four

One more announced is Fantastic Four by James Robinson and Leonard Kirk. According to a article by IGN posted on Saturday, the upcoming writer of Marvel’s All-New Invaders is joining with the former X-Factor artist on a new Fantastic Four series that will “celebrate the new creative direction.” The series will begin with “the demise of the Fantastic Four” and follow how the team got to that point.

January 2014’s “Iron Man” #20.INH and “Indestructible Hulk #18.INH” are, as their numbering implies, both “Inhumanity” tie-ins, Brevoort tells the crowd.

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