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With an end to a great New York Comic-Con 2013, a lot was announced with much to be excited for. So with everything said and done, now is when we take a look back at everything which stood out that was announced. From Marvel to DC, Dark Horse, Valiant, Dynamite, to The Walking Dead we are taking what was the highlight of those announcements and what brought about concerns from them, the concerns mainly from Marvel and DC given they had more to announce. Sure this isn’t everything. but its majority of what counts and that is what matters most.

All New Marvel NOW banner



Marvel really came out with a bang, the one thing that stood out most for them was a lot of new books announced. Overall fans got a good understanding and grasp of whats to come with All-New Marvel NOW!. Some books being centered around heroes fans have been begging to see get a solo book for a long time now. A lot of new Avengers titles that while many may look at as if just another Marvel book, really showcase their great use of their library of heroes. We really got to see just how the Marvel Universe has become a literal Avengers World(being one of the titles as well). All of course easy to jump into and new reader friendly.

All-New-X-Men-22.NOW-Stuart-Immonen-CoverThe X-Men are in for a big year. Not just because of a new event, but because they are breaking new grounds. X-Factor is taking to new heights, the Original X-Men are taking to space, Nightcrawler is making his return to the land of the living, and much more. Bendis clearly has a plan for the mutants of the world and they are expected to make their way back into the Marvel Universe since they are wrapping up all current conflicts of interest they have with each other.

Many games were announced as well. There was the announcement of the “Amazing Spider-Man 2” game for XBox One PS4, PS3, Xbox 360, Wii U and PC, as well as “Amazing Spider-Man” for PS Vita. LEGO Marvel Super Heroes was announced, Thor: The Dark World mobile game, and Avengers Alliance the social game will come to Android later this month. All show to have promise aside from Avengers Alliance the social game which is already very popular.

There was a good amount of news surrounding Marvel TV, from Agents of SHIELD to Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. Peggy Carter has a chance for a show of her own, and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. shows to have opened the doors for that and others which are in the thought process if it succeeds its first season. S.H.I.E.L.D. has to go through the same process as the movies finding it’s ground and they want to make sure it can stand on its own before they move on to a new show.


Spoilers was a big issue. While hyping up and announcing books for All-New Marvel NOW!, they did make the mistake and some of course were intentional, by revealing the outcome of some books that were meant to make a transition and were near an end. Mainly those stories like Avengers Arena, with maybe 2 issues left we already were told who would survive and what they would go through in the next book. I for one had my face in my hands screaming when I found this out. Sure not everything else was spoiled, but maybe news of those certain books could have been held off to give readers a chance to feel surprised.

Maybe they could be announcing too many new books as well. I have no problem with this personally and love every new book to come, but some people are going through that period where they have to cut their pull lists and are reaching out to other publishers in a manner that makes them have to be very picky with their selection. They miss out on things they’d like to read and follow because money holds them back. Not a huge issue, but something to be concerned about for those people.




First off, Stephanie Brown is back. If anything was mentioned more from DC’s announcements it was this, despite the fact that it was also spoiled that Nightwing would have to die, followed by Superboy as well. All stemming from DC’s Forever Evil. They pledge to be “Forever Evil”, and emphasize how fun this is supposed to be for everyone because villains have a bit more range than the heroes, allowing them to go bigger. When they were doing a story where they really break things, that’s where things happen and where the real fun comes from. That is what we have seen so far and what they are assuring us of with this panel.

Forever EvilZero Year stuff was announced as well, like how it’s going to cross over into some other books, Green Arrow, Superman, etc. For example how the Zero Year issue will show how the Red Hood gang affects Jason Todd’s life while he’s growing up in Crime Alley. Great use of the Zero Year storylines because they have some sort of influence on ongoing titles.

DC had their panel for Justice League: War, an adaptation of Geoff Johns and Jim Lee’s Justice League: Origins storyline that kicked off the DC reboot in 2011. They basically focused on how Shazam is filling Aquaman’s role in this Justice League story because the King of the Seas is finally getting his own DC animated movie as part of a big push. However, the next two films following Justice League: War are both Batman movies: Son of Batman & Batman: Assault on Arkham; which ties into the popular Batman video game series. As we all know, animated movies are DC’s money-maker and the ones you want to watch out for.

With The New 52 Panel we got an idea of where all the heroes are at this point and what is to be expected of them. Mostly this is of the #24 issues and some others which are a bit behind.


There was a bit too much focus on Batman. It’s understood that he’s their biggest hero and sells the most, but when you have a whole panel set for him, it makes you wonder if they can really draw attention away from Batman and towards books that need that attention more. Marvel had a panel for Avengers titles and X-Men titles, but they are at least team books and house many heroes from A-List to C.

Again spoilers is an issue for DC as well. Mainly dealing with Superboy and Nightwing. That really could have been avoided and caused a huge stir wondering just why they would make such a decision, especially considering how popular a character like Nightwing is and has been. I can bet you there were a lot of things said about this that I just can’t repeat here myself, I mean I am a fan of Nightwing as well.

Overall there just wasn’t too much to be excited about, it felt lacking and there wasn’t that much focus on something new or big. Main issue being that DC only really leaves those big announcements for SDCC though their announcements should be spread out so they keep some focus on them. Especially seeing the huge number of books Marvel presented.


Valiant Comics


MUST-READ-VALIANT-HARBINGERMust Read Valiant of course has been the center of attention. They built MUST READ VALIANT to showcase a handful of new, exciting entry points across all of Valiant’s monthly series. Making things to be more accessible between Harbinger, XO Manowar, Eternal Warrior, Quantum and Woody, Bloodshot, Shadowman, and Archer and Armstrong. Really if you are not reading Valiant comics right now, what are doing reading!?! Take this opportunity when it resents itself.

The biggest highlight was on Valiant’s team book, Unity, which will be released in November, and features many of Valiant’s major characters including Ninjak, Eternal Warrior, Livewire, Harbinger, and XO Manowar.

They even gave the best response towards gathering more female readers. Several creators pointed to their attempts to introduce more female protagonists in their books, saying that they felt a female lead title should grow organically from the rest of the line for fear of feeling forced. This and even better saying “You pose a good question, and it’s about much more than bringing in new female protagonists. It’s about actually getting female readers involved in our stories.  If you have any ideas about how to do this, come let us know.” THAT is how you address that issue.


Dark Horse


Fans got treated to the Whedonverse. It’s one of the more exciting aspects of Dark Horse and they are stories that long time fans of his shows continue to follow in the books. Starting with Dark Horse introducing the new Serenity series, explaining that it will take place after the events of the Firefly television series and continue the story in the same manner that the Buffyverse titles have continued on their respective series. This includes Angel as well with the book called Angel and Faith.

Buffy is going to have more of a comedic element to it, Angel and Faith is expected to have more of a noir darkness to it, that’s a little different from what Christos and Rebekah had done, and Serenity remains the same with more focus on its continuation since it’s a new book in general.

All are expected to stay true to what finds like most about these characters and the covers for them look astounding as you can see below. You have to admit that much even if you have no clue about them(hopefully you do).


Dynamite Entertainment


captainvictory092413_croppedThe day of their panel, Dynamite turned 10 in 2014,  and Andy Diggle, Matt Wagner, Dennis Calero, Fred Van Lente, Greg Pak, Victor Gischler, Frank Barbiere, and Cory Smith turned out as part of a pretty impressive line up at the end of Dynamite’s first decade.

Dynamite’s highlight is that the question is always being asked, “Why hasn’t this been made into a comic? and “What needs to be done?”. The two-pronged approach is what seems to have allowed these creators the freedom they are looking for, to start with a property that inspires their imagination, and then to move in directions that go well beyond simple updating into a more modern vein. With reinterpretation allowed, and even encouraged, Dynamite is setting up a strong position for keeping the talent happy as they enter their second decade. That is what you want to see from a growing publisher these days.

Here they leave you with one last teaser of what’s to come and promise fans that the best is yet to come.


The Walking Dead


Overall there was a very positive atmosphere from The Walking Dead panel. They were very appreciative of their fans because what makes this series so special is the massive fanbase. Hearing such things as “So give yourself a big round of applause because you have made us the number one television show on TV.” is very welcoming and they like to give the fans what they want.

Norman Reedus threw stuffed squirrels out into the audience on the way in, before Brown asked about new characters. This was something you heard a lot and that was great alongside the extra footage that everyone got to see who attended the panel. Majority of the time those who are there got to see early footage and that is a smart move to generate hype. I mean would you not go there to see something before everyone else?

They describe the new season as the heroes having become so adept at killing walkers that you have to catch them off-guard and unaware. Hurd said with the walkers roaming on the roof, “a lot of bad shit is going to happen soon.” She said that a theme that would come out is “beware within.” They want to surprise you and that what creates the intense atmosphere of the show that everyone loves. This also means that it will draw upon a lot of emotions. As Steven Yeun said, “There are things this season that made me tear up when they came together.” There will be new additions many have wanted to see, and a lot of personal growth from everyone else along the way. There is so much to look forward to and everyone who took part in the panel made sure you walked out feeling more excited than when you entered.

This all includes ending the day on a great start to the new season. This was the start to a season of The Walking Dead that we have needed to see for so long. Nothing too big, nothing to expect, but it set things up for the rest of the season to come while helping us understand what has happened during these thirty days before everything falls apart. Kirkman reminded us once again that no one is safe.

And that wraps up this 2013’s New York Comic-Con! Have anything to add on this? Sound off below!

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