New Avengers #11 Review

 New Avengers v3 011-000

New Avengers #11

Written by: Jonathan Hickman
Art by: Mike Deodato

The New Avengers have now found themselves in an impossible situation. They have done what they can never forget, sacrificing an Earth to save their own. Yet now, the Illuminati travel to another Earth during an incursion only to face a different challenge altogether. The Builders have made their way to Earth and they may prove to be more than they ever prepared for.

Up to now New Avengers has really set itself apart from Infinity. They have only dealt with the incursions and the overpowering force of Thanos as he takes them head on for the last gem and his son. For once this book actually fits as a tie-in. Aside from Thanos’s assault on Earth they never had any connection to what’s going on outside of Earth till confronted by the builders. It was only a matter of time and considering what now just happened in Avengers, it is good timing that the Builders have made their way to Earth. The one planet which is the axis for everything going wrong in the Universe.

Deodato really handled the war on Wakanda well. Whenever Proxima takes into action she brings destruction, and that is what she left in her wake. The grim atmosphere of everything falling apart was consistent throughout, it’s really the only way to describe their situation at this point.

Overall, while the Infinity War has actually shaped up to be one in space, Earth is now it’s own war zone. Everyone is in on the fight, and no one is safe from what’s to come. Thanos is is now in Necropolis, where the Earth destroying bombs are kept, and the Builders have finally made their way to Earth. What more could go wrong? Hickman has the answers and if anything like what we’ve gotten so far, it will be something monumental.

Score: 8.8/10

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