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Halo has always been known for its expansive Universe from graphic novels, to comics, to movies. Now fans are treated to yet another comic to dive deeper into this world. When you ask why Halo fans defend its story, it’s because of books like this, books we take the time to read and understand further than what you think you can just pick up in the game and judge. Now that Halo 4 has ended we are now getting more pieces to the puzzle that either answers our questions about things in the past, present, or what we can expect.

*Spoilers Ahead*

This is the story of Sarah Palmer and her rise from Orbital Drop Shock Trooper to a Spartan Commander. Her before she was a super soldier defending humanity as part of the Spartan IV program, and instead carrying out the most dangerous missions behind enemy lines. Not only is this her story, but it’s the origin of the Spartan IV program as well. Brian Reed constructed a great story which really allows you to understand how the Spartan program became so stable.

Halo InitiationThis book’s first story arc which is only three issues gives you so much more insight as to the state of the Halo Universe and how things are as they are right now. Not to be rude, but it shows how aliterate the critics of the game can be because these are the same people who will question it yet will never look into any of the lore such as this for a better understanding. We as fans can appreciate this, but it’s definitely something you have to invest time in to understand the layers and gaps each of these stories add and fill.

Here we see the new UNSC Infinity, the UNSC’s newest and most sophisticated flagship. Though as such and being the power house that drives the UNSC’s exploration, it proves to be a target for a group of insurgents led by what can only be described as the first Spartan IV. Palmer is amongst the first of the Spartan IVs and even then you find out that there is another type of Spartan out there though still a Spartan IV. You’d find it amazing that they actually attempted to create Spartans who have unbreakable bones and possess strength only obtainable with a suit. Only one of those ten who underwent the procedure, Isla Zane survived though became unstable mentally. It became up to Sarah Palmer and a bunch of rookie Spartans to defend Infinity from her and her group of insurrectionists. The insurgents have been an ongoing problem for the UNSC for the longest time now, it’s good to see that they are still relevant in this situation.

Fans are even treated to the appearance of a character from the events of Halo Reach that hadn’t been seen since. Jun returns and here you find out that it is actually he who picks Palmer to be among the first Spartan IVs. He can even hold his own without armor too.

In fact, it is also because of Zane that Spartans became in charge of themselves because they couldn’t trust ONI, the Navy, or Military to handle them. That is why Palmer is in charge of them and why for the most part they act on their own.

From start to finish of this three-part series reveals the story of how Commander Sarah Palmer became a Spartan-IV and leads directly into the exciting new mobile game from 343 Industries, Halo: Spartan Assault. Sarah Palmer and her new comrade Spartans are thrust into action when a violent insurgent group attempts to seize the UNSC flagship Infinity. Brian Reed really uses his connection to 343 in order to make that connection to the games which deliver an extended story that engages its fans.

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