The Spider #15 Review

 The Spider 015-000

The Spider #15

Written by: David Liss
Art by: Ivan Rodriguez

Last we left off the Spider was a wanted man, but is that enough to stop him from protecting New York? Never, and that’s the way we like it as Richard Wentworth tests how far he can go to save an innocent who may be the key to stopping this murderous spree. This situation called for him to be that resourceful hero even when he has lost everything.

The Fly has won, and now it’s all about taking back the game that is now out of his control. It’s great to see how much this affects Wentworth because all it took was one wrong move and now his life is in ruins. On the run, his reputation bad, his friends under constant watch, and no one to turn to for help. Not the kind of position you want to find yourself in, especially not knowing what the person you hate most is planning to do with your families fortune. Now he’s finally taking matters into his own hands, in terms of dealing out his own brand of justice and laying waste to any who aren’t necessary to keep alive. For the most part David Liss gives us the fallout of it all with this new wave of violence that sweeps across the city.

As usual the art is just astounding with its vibrancy. Rodriguez has a detailed use of inking and luscious coloring that is well accompanied by lights and shadows.

If you want modern-day pulp mayhem, this is that book for you. Red Hand Vs. The Spider, now we see who is more willing to do what has to be done to make a statement. The stakes have been set and there’s an urgency now more than ever for the Red Hand to be stopped. Can the Spider pull through this time when innocents are now in danger of suffering as much as the guilty? That is a reason to pick up the next issue.

Score: 8.7/10

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