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*Spoilers ahead*

Millar the rest of the executives wanted to remind us that the zombies are just as dangerous as the rest of the world. If that is the case, well done. Isolation not only lives us to its name in terms of the sick, but reminds us of how toxic this world has become that there is tension between everyone. No one  is safe, and this sudden panic has put everyone on edge. The strong broken, revelations realized, some doing things you would not expect of them, this is the world they have created and how it twists what was before the world went to crap.

At the very start we see how Tyreese is the first to break down after Karen’s death. Someone who was the most level-headed now thinking very instinctively and out of pure rage. He was the first to realize the world they had forgotten for that month of peace. This includes Beth as well who we see finally break down in the wake of more being affected by this illness. As Hershel said, every time they step outside, eat, drink, sleep, breathe, they are already in danger. Everyone wants to see action, but that comes after the emphasis on what it all does to their humanity. It’s all they have left and you see that having humanity is just not enough anymore. A lot more emotion is drawn out of putting these characters out of their comfort zone. You have to admit it is clever to make such characters like Glenn and Sasha sick or putting Carl in charge of the youth  knowing that they aren’t minor characters. This allows more time for other characters to be fleshed out and have more influence on the situations at hand.

Those that counted showed their potential here. They all need to when most were in question of who’s behind everything going wrong. This sickness really is the first thing they have faced where they don’t really have the solution to right away. The meds aren’t close by, and the risk of survival before they make it is always what’s going through their minds. Hopefully it isn’t a reason to just kill off everyone they don’t need, but it really serves its purpose so far.

Of course there was one small issue, which was with Tyreese as he fought through that horde of zombies. For someone who should have the most motivation, almost giving up because he has a fear of fighting walkers was hard to believe. Of course that’s not to take away from him springing back into action and pulling off the impossible. I mean its obvious he wasn’t going to go down that easy. In fact it gave him the opportunity to bring out his hammer which the comic fans are familiar with.

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As many fans will point out, Carol has been the breakout star thus far. Coming the farthest from a beaten wife living in fear, losing her daughter, to now this strong woman who sacrifices so much and is willing to do what has to be done for the better of everyone. When you ask for character development, she has been the full package and learning that she was the one who killed Karen was just the icing on the cake. Of course she showed regret which was a very well executed moment, but that is the type of character she has grown into. Aside from her, going back to Hershel, he really keeps this story grounded. Actions you’d find selfish or illogical, he thinks always with his head and can differ between right and wrong.

In every way this was a step up from the previous episode. This was intense and you see just how far they’re willing to go to put the fear back into the series. Last season they reminded us why people are not to be trusted. Now on top of this we see how the world itself is full of danger. Whether someone is tampering with their supplies to spread the illness or not, it’s something you expect when living in a post-apocalyptic world. From here the story can go anywhere, but right now the stakes have been set and we know where everyone’s heads are at. That is most important going into whatever comes next and it really looks to be something we should anticipate.

Score: 4.5/5

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