Superior Spider-Man #20 Review


Superior Spider-Man #20

Written by: Dan Slott
Art by: Giuseppe Amuncoli

This is the issue that many fans have been awaiting to some. Some questions are answered and old faces reappear who may change the game and not in favor of Otto. You think that things may just get a bit better for Otto, but that just isn’t the case for him. We want to see a train wreck from him and that is the path he seems to be on right now.

This is the fallout of Necessary Evil, leading up to the day Otto that he was supposed to become Dr. Peter Parker. It was good to see that he is finally moving on from that, but everything surrounding this big moment really wasn’t all too exciting. In fact to tell the truth, nothing involving Ms. Marconi seems to be of interest right now. The one redeeming quality is the influence their relationship has on how Otto reacts to other females. Ones such as Black Cat who always cared for the Spider more than the man, and that Spider just happened to cross her in a bad way.

One familiar faces that we see is the one character who holds the key to stopping Otto who is Madame. The one person who has clues to the future of the Marvel Universe left in a comatose state and has the skill to prevent many of the past and coming events. It’s odd that she would have been out this long, but it’s good that Slott did not take her out of the fight completely.

Good issue that could have been a bit better. It was a necessary transition into a new chapter of Peter’s life, but one that you would find hard to get through because it falls flat of excitement. That of course doesn’t stop it from setting the story up for the unavoidable Stunner Vs. Superior Spider-Man, and seeing how Otto deals with what will make or break his career.

Score: 7.7/10

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