Thor: The Dark World Review


Thor: The Dark World is a very fun movie. As a transition from the Avengers, you see how much he has grown as a god and person. Showing a lot more responsibility, humility, and leadership when action called for it. Thor: The Dark World follows the events of The Avengers as Loki is sentenced to life in prison by Odin and Thor continues to try to make peace in the Nine Realms. Meanwhile, Malekith makes his return for power.

Now while the movie is great, that’s not to say it doesn’t take some time to pick up. The first maybe 20 minutes it starts off a bit slow as it finds its footing. For the most part what was slow was the parts which took place on Earth. Time was taken establishing the changes from before and reintroducing all the characters. Though quickly as the plot thickened you were drawn back in and pretty much kept a good pacing till the end. The writers this time around found a great balance of humor and seriousness. It’s arguable as to if it stuck, the humor from Earth, but when thrown in quick you find it entertaining. As for the dark tone, it came from the fact that there was a clear danger. For someone like Thor it’s pretty hard to find a reason to be threatened, but this situation was something he was not prepared for. No one was safe and anything could have gone wrong.


There was a solid performances by the cast with all of them maintaining what made them appealing in the first movie. Luckily those like the Warriors Three and Lady Sif got more time on-screen and were actually able to show their skills in combat. This includes Frigga, queen of Asgard, and Heimdall, who were just as bad ass as they are in the books. Thor and Loki together was the best move to make because what we haven’t seen was that brotherly bond between them, even if it was with them at each others throats.

thordarkworlde1Those who are familiar with Malekith may not see him as sadistic as he is in the comics, but nonetheless he is intimidating. What you got from him was someone with command, presence, he actually posed a threat to everyone. While fans of Loki wanted more and thought he was the better villain prior, he was only ever clever. That’s not enough and for someone like Thor you need a villain who can challenge him, Malekith did and made the fights exciting. This is not to say that Loki did not play his part well. Still delivered on his witty banter and for the first time showed some skill in magic which was always lacking because he only made use of illusions.

Some say that Thor was a boring film or was uninteresting. Expecting more than what you got here is an easy way to disappoint yourself. You lose what makes Thor who he is if you are just willing to throw him into the next fight. The entertainment comes from Thor himself and seeing life through the life of a god, a god adapted into a superheroes world. You are just as much learning about Norse Mythology as anything else and that is what some want to see from this, if not what you favor then it is probably not the film for you. The fights alone on the battle field looked amazing, the quality was definitely something you’d see from Game of Thrones and that really helped the appeal. Aside from that, the technological side of Asgard was a great focus knowing that having watch over the Nine Realms does mean they are way ahead in advancements.

If you like mythology, exploration and mystery then this would be more appealing to you. The first movie was a mix of mythology and science as you were both introduced to Thor’s origins and his connection to the Avengers. The second movie is mythology, exploration and mystery. The movie will show us not just Asgard, Earth and Svartalheim, but all of the nine realms from Norse Mythology. It is the exploration of this mythology that creates the appeal for those who favor it. With that said, you should definitely see Thor: The Dark World, for the entertainment value if nothing else. Yeah Darcy and Jane could be better, but they aren’t the main attraction. Don’t look for a deep plot or a villain who is always held to a high standard, just watch it for the same reason you’d pick up a comic book.

Also, don’t forget to stay all the way through the credits! Getting a connection to the rest of the world and something completely out of left field that leaves us with questions.

Score: 4/5

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