Thoughts On Stuart Immonen’s New Costumes For The All-New X-Men


There’s been a lot of talk about the All-New X-Men’s new costumes. These costumes are set to make their official debut in January’s All-New X-Men #22 by Immonen and series writer Brian Michael Bendis, said to be a long time coming. After the events of X-Men: Battle of the Atom the young X-Men are getting used to the future, whether they like it or not since they can’t return, and they’ve decided to dress for the times. It is very different from the traditional X-Men black and yellow look. The modular uniformity gives it a space flare that makes it unique, and matches their transition to space eventually.

Immonen clearly had an idea of how he wanted these costumes to look. With callbacks to the early days of X-Factor, as well as the early 1970’s run on Uncanny X-Men.

ALLNEWXMEN_CVR_018I like it. Anyone can joke about it, but as professor X once said, different meant individuality, and as far as this looks with the different colors that is how they stand out. I do like how they describe them as well, “Colorful, tasteful, simple, individually distinctive, modern and classic at the same time… just smart all around.” That is how I see them and it is a welcome change when considering they are acting more as heroes in a world that is a lot more tolerant of mutants than they were used to in the past. I like that they look like a team and still as individuals at the same time.

Overall it really may be too early to decide just how well the costumes fit the story till it actually begins. This isn’t the same young X-Men since their exposure to the inevitable future and that has the most influence on how they present themselves to the world. But that’s not to say we can’t all get our laughs in and ask when Voltron will be summoned? If Captain Planet will be joining them? Or if they are the next Power Rangers?

What do we think of Stuart Immonen’s new costumes for the All-New X-men?

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    (November 10, 2013 - 5:51 am)

    I really like the new costumes- but I’m intrigued to see if Bobby gets one when not in ice form!
    My only gripe is the odd Naval position of the ‘X-logo’ otherwise the best new costumes since Cassaday’s Astonishing run

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