Superior Spider-Man #21 Review

 Superior Spider-Man 021-000

Superior Spider-Man #21

Written by: Dan Slott
Art by: Giuseppe Camuncoli

Last we saw two things have gone wrong for Otto, what’s new? He is now in danger of losing his credibility due to being called out for basically stealing his own designs to get his doctorate. And now the reawakened Angelina Brancale aka. Stunner is in Manhattan looking for revenge against the Superior Spider-Man for the supposed death of Otto Octavius. Just another train wreck for Otto to avoid to keep his secret under wraps.

For Otto it seems to be one stressful situation after another, dealing with the fact that his genius as Otto cannot surface when in public as Peter. He makes enemies this way, Slott knows this and that is what makes this book interesting. No one can truly understand the amount of effort that Peter puts forth to balance his life as himself and Spider-Man, something Otto is learning the hard way. I think this was a very powerful issue in the sense that you saw some serious sincerity from Otto. It may have only been for Anna, but he never went about this situation with his usual blown ego. Sometimes it does actually pay to be the “Superior” one.

I’d have to say that with Spider-Man 2099 out of the way things have gotten back on track and for the better. This story does much better when the focus is on Otto, one Spider-Man is all that we really need in this book.

This was a great issue that once again narrowly manages to keep Otto from losing what he had fought so hard to achieve. Fought for his reputation, his future, his love, and to stay ahead of those who want to discredit him. With this said you might feel a bit bored with the escapades of Carlie, it’s been a constant step forward and two steps back with her and you know that she won’t be getting any closer to revealing Otto as Peter any time soon. Aside from this the fight between Spider-Man and Stunner looked very lively, something we haven’t seen in a while and Camuncoli does well in capturing their expressions.

Score: 8.6/10

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