One-Shot: Focusing On What’s Inside The Book

The one thing that some find hard to understand is the attack on relaunches by comic fans. There is no real problem with them unless a full reboot that backtracks on previous progression. Fans just see #1 and automatically will say they will not buy it, but it’s a lot more than just what’s on the surface.

Fantastic_Four001Let’s take the announcement of James Robinson being the new writer on Fantastic Four starting in February 2014. First of all we’d have to emphasize that it’s not a reboot, nothing from Marvel NOW! to this point has been a reboot. This is a book that still stays true to what Fraction had them going through, but connects them back to the Marvel Universe. If people took the time to understand the purpose of All-New Marvel NOW!, they’d understand a majority of the concept behind it is reconnecting many of these heroes back to the Marvel Universe. They’ve all had their conflicts, spread out across space and time due to Infinity, and now is the time those such as the Fantastic Four are brought back to their normal lives so to speak.

If they wanted to “reboot” such books, they would go back to square one. If they wanted to just relaunch these titles, you’d see no clear transition between the story before it and now. But that is not the case here. The Fantastic Four are back in Manhattan, and dealing more directly with other members of the Marvel Universe. Robinson said his run is about “A family finding the strength to face adversity through the help and love of each other.” The team will have plenty of adversity, as they’re kicked out of the Baxter Building, more power problems, a murder mystery and more.

That is adding depth to a story which was far out there and now being brought down to Earth. Johnny has dealt with his obsession of being in the spotlight in a long while, Ben has not had that romantic connection with Alicia in a long while. These are things that Robinson is bringing back into focus and that is what any writer would do who wants to remind fans why they do read the Fantastic Four. They have their own personal issues too, they aren’t perfect, and it’s just as self-contained as it is connected to the rest of the world.

Everyone is very quick to jump the gun and scream money grab, but they don’t know the intentions of those at the head. There is a clear miscommunication between the writers and the fans and it creates tension where they only care for the exterior of the books they read rather than its contents. Let me not even constrict this to Marvel, this goes to every publisher out there. They all try to achieve the same goal, and it’s not always some stunt to steal your cash. Anyone can cry foul and say they aren’t buying, but the alternative in this kind of case is that the books are just canceled and there is no more books like Fantastic Four. Would that be better for you? Or ironically you could achieve the same effect by just not buying it. You don’t just hurt the book, you hut yourself in the process because it’s still your loss as well.

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