Tackling The Demand For A Loki Movie


Some have been wondering if there’s any chance we could see a standalone film for Loki. He has been the supposed main attracting for the Thor movies and as the villain for Avengers he added that excitement that many villains would have trouble creating. While it would be nice to have a villain make it to the big screen with their own movie, it’s not something to be expecting anytime soon. It’s not a bad idea, but it’s also not necessary.

Loki is a great character, but he is only great when in the company of other characters who he can play off of. Same goes for the comics. That’s why he had to die and come back as a child, thus creating one of the most popular books Marvel had at that time, “Journey Into Mystery”. Not even if they gave him a good supporting cast it would work. Now if it were the younger Loki like they have now(in the comics), maybe. But it might prove to be difficult if not because not only can his act can get stale pretty fast, the general audience will automatically create an unreal expectation of him like every other popular character and ultimately fail. No person can deny this and with Tom Hiddleston’s fanbase this is all but certain to happen. They seen him as Loki, and Loki as someone who can provide the most amazing movie on his own. Yet that just can’t happen, it could, yet it’s not as easy as regular movie goers may think. Loki is chaotic and irrational, that’s about it besides being emotionally unstable. Just like any other villain he is always prone to failure and that is why breaking the status quo just for him won’t work.

LokiIn everything you seen him in, he’s generally not a stand-alone entity to begin with. Not to say it couldn’t work of course. It’s an interesting idea, for certain. I’d love to see something along the lines of the Thor & Loki: Blood Brothers short series on Netflix right now. It was incredible, and really got you even closer to a version of Loki I think people could really relate to. It’s easy for anyone to say Thor is nothing without Loki on-screen, yet in reality Loki without Thor would ring just as hollow.

Now if they just did a simple spin-off that is an origins tale for Loki, that might just suffice. Marvel has their ideas and everything that they produce has to have some influence on the progression of the Cinematic Universe. Giving Loki a movie purely out of popularity to satisfy the fans demand does nothing for Marvel in the long run.

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