A Milestone in Opinions About Comics

Geez, I can’t remember the last time that I actually posted something on this account. Normally I’ll end up jotting down things that I never get around to hitting publish for. The reason I am hitting publish this time around is for a specific reason that I felt was important for my continuation of doing articles, reviews, and just about anything else on the topic of comics. It matters when you hit milestones. They tell a story of the effort that you put into something you show passion towards. For me, opening up a link to Comic Book Round-Up hit me with the reality that I have somehow passed the two-thousand mark in comic reviews.

If you ever told me that around this time I would till be doing comic reviews, I would have told you that you were crazy. I probably had other ideas of putting that time into other things. If you don’t know, I write over at Geeked Out Nation. Actually the only active writer there at this moment. There was definitely more people before, but life, bigger opportunities, you know how it goes. So here I am still pushing along with comic reviews, news, even reviews for comic book tv shows/movies. Some may say in this case that I’m trying to keep a sinking ship from plunging, and I don’t think I could argue that observation. What is one person going to do? What is one person’s opinion compared to a sea of larger voices? Honestly, I don’t know. Every week was always a test to see if I would keep going or put my foot on the brakes. Why haven’t I? Because giving up isn’t the kind of thing I am used to. Not when there’s a comic community worth engaging with.

Where it began for me was blogging for IGN some years ago. They were the best of times, and they were the worst of times. It was fun sharing how awesome comics were every day. There were people to interact with, and others who appreciated knowing things they didn’t before. However, that only lasts so long as you don’t feel like you’re talking to yourself a majority of the time. So when I turned to doing reviews, the idea was that if I was going to talk to myself, at least making it more than a simple blog post about said comic or hero.

Some find their place with a notable site to engage with the comic community, some are very good at working their way around social media, others are just very good at being fans of a certain hero or set of creators, you can even be someone who stands out for standout cosplays. For me, it was simply doing reviews where I felt that I was at home expressing how much I love comics. Why this worked for me so far is that I’m not looking to be the best reviewer out there. I don’t want to smother the reader with big/fancy words and harsh words because they want to listen to someone “intelligent”. I step into the shoes of the average reader who wants to read something from the perspective of someone who is simply talking to them about the book they’re interested in. Scores be damned as well. It means nothing if you ignore the actual words typed. Writing these reviews is my way of talking to an audience through full expression of what goes through my head. There’s no fun in this when you are worrying about word counts, having everything about your writing perfect, or worrying about who may or may not agree with your opinion. I remember coming to this conclusion when almost trying to write for a bigger site. I was quickly turned off when given this guideline that was way too dictating than necessary.

This year in particular was a challenge. The comic community has been going through some crazy obstacles. Problems with the fans, with comicsgate, other small things that seem so trivial. Sometimes all you can do is continue writing and hoping you can reach people who need to be able to see that not everything is as bad as it seems. There’s always books to read, publishers who exist outside of Marvel/DC, something you will like that others do not.

So what keeps me going? The plain and simple fact that comics is what we make of them. Writing for me is a constant reminder of this. Heck, sooner or later I might even give videos a shot as well. You get the enjoyment that you put into it. Keep that in mind and there will always be a reason to talk about comics in one form or another.

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