Midnight, Texas Season Finale “Yasss, Queen!” Review

MIDNIGHT, TEXAS — “Yass, Queen!” Episode 209 — Pictured: Parisa Fitz Henley as Fiji — (Photo by: Lewis Jacobs/NBC)

Welcome to Patience, Texas!… Helpless? Powerless? What best sums up the situation that these Midnighters have gotten themselves into? This is a big step up from the situation that they dealt with last season. One demonic entity was a match for them before, but this time you have twin originators in magic released upon the world and not looking to make friends.

The first scene was a tough pill to swallow when everyone is pretty much only able to witness what came next after Manfred supposedly got his head chopped off. I think they really sold the moment from the way that these friends expressed disbelief that one of their own could be butchered that way. To say that they looked defeated and broken felt like an understatement. From the start of this episode things were also shaken up when you could feel the effects of this loss throughout the town. No one ran, which in turn meant that everyone was there to experience what the world could feel like with dark magic roaming around unchecked.

For this final stretch of the story, everything came down to how these Midnighters would fight back. Even when all seems lost, the thing that you love the most about them is the way that they rise to the occasion. For some of them it was hard to see how they could turn things around, but that required some bold moves taken. One of which you would have never seen coming because of how much this certain someone protested becoming anything different from what they were. Olivia more than the rest was someone to cheer for. No matter how bad things got, there was always the expectation that she would be in open defiance of what the town was turning into. That led to a few heartbreaking moments, but she has really come a long way this season as the person who would not normally get this heroic. Always the warrior yes, but not without as much heart put into her actions as what we have seen in these episodes. It was definitely different seeing Bobo taking on a more crucial role. Normally you would just look at a character like him as someone who serves as the muscle. This time around he made a bold move, and one which meant stepping outside of his area of expertise. Hopefully this is the start of him being a bit more proactive in his role. By that I mean also moving past simply being a guy fighting for love too.

MIDNIGHT, TEXAS — “Yass, Queen!” Episode 209 — Pictured: Arielle Kebbel as Olivia — (Photo by: Lewis Jacobs/NBC)

Patience, her brother, and Fiji were one heck of a team of villains. For everything they did to either embrace their victory or proceed with their plans, it was gutwrenching. Nothing says I’m bad then toying with people who are being treated as if they are less than people. There were some people you were just not used to seeing in the position they were in, but Patience and Fiji were more than enough to knock any and all down a peg. Now I do feel as though we should have seen a bit more magic done by Patience, but I suppose her demeanor and dialogue satisfied for the most part. It took some adjusting to accept that her former accent was fake, though everything after that felt more genuine to who she is. Even if this loss of Fiji wasn’t going to be permanent, they really did make every moment for her count as a dark witch.

Now some might say that how the Midnighters saved the town was a bit easy for them. Some might say it was too generic for the arrogance of the villains that got the best of them. While to some extent that might have been the case, there was no overlooking the sacrifice and creativeness in planning that got them to that point. Victory did not come without paying some sort of price. The cost wasn’t there immediately, but you knew it was going to come down the road. That is what made their actions so uplifting in the moment. No one was thinking about themselves or what they could lose in the process. That will ultimately become a means to an end in the possible next season, but for now it all added to the thrill of the final confrontation.

As I said last week, I wasn’t going to be too shocked to see that things were not as they seemed. The only reason I could overlook this was because of the execution of everything that followed Manfred’s decision. I would be lying if I said I didn’t see the twist coming a mile away. However, that mattered very little in contrast to what came after the sacrifice to save everyone, and the moves taken afterwards to create another opening for everyone to fight back.

It stings to change this from a season finale to a series finale for this show. With that said, the Midnight, Texas season finale was a big step up from the first season’s end. The enemy took more than some chi-like blast to overcome, and the stakes were a whole lot higher as well. If you didn’t believe the lengths that some of these characters would go to protect each other and this town? The events of this second season finale assured you that the Midnighters were the real deal in the hero department. Unfortunate that this is where their stories end.

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