Titans Season Finale “Dick Grayson” Review

To imagine that this is the show that so many viewers were trying to pan before it even began. Even I can admit that I was one of those people very skeptical about the success of this adaptation of the young heroes. Not enough to do some of these actors/actresses dirty like some of the more immature viewers. Never an excuse to drive someone off of social media. That said, DC has a troublesome track record for taking their shows too dark for the sake of being edgy. We were all fortunate that this was not the case with Titans. This is a big week being the finale for what has been a thrilling ride so far. Titans “Koriand’r” was everything we needed from this show setting up for the big confrontation with Trigon. The only question is how they will approach wrapping this up that satisfies the journey we have been taken on.

From the first moments of this episode we were tossed into the dreamscape trap that Dick jumped into. It was a strange sight to see Dick Grayson actually happy, or having anything that he actually wanted. A happy domestic life just sends chills down your spine to picture for the guy. Before Titans, I was more used to seeing Brenton Thwaites in more humorous roles. So it has been a roller coaster to see him go full on dark and brooding, then on a dime sunshine and rainbows. It’s good to be able to see that he has a convincing range to his acting. It goes without saying that we at least knew one thing that we could prepare for. That being how Dick was put into a relationship or I suppose marriage with Dawn. This could have easily been Kori, but I think it made more sense that everyone who could have broken this spell had distance put between them. The only thing that caught me off guard was realizing at a point when this all took place. They could have chosen any point in time for Dick to have found this happiness, or for everyone to have gotten where they were, but this was an intriguing choice. Not one that would have changed the story significantly if different, though just something that is hard to ignore recognizing.

How this led to Grayson taking a dark trip to Gotham was one heck of a turn of events from where this started. First of all, this was our first look at Gotham in present day. I would say that the city lived up to expectation. It wasn’t as flashy as what we got in the Elseworlds DC/CW crossover, but the atmosphere was there. Lively city at night, trouble stirring around the corner, and plenty of tension that you get from the GCPD who of course would be fed up with the brand of crime that they have to deal with. If it wasn’t the GCPD’s response to the current state of crime, then it was Dick’s reaction to everything that he wasn’t prepared to witness get worse. It was interesting to see how a change of setting could somewhat return him to the version of him that we are more familiar with.

This dark turn that everyone hyped up for Batman was a crazy development. The build-up to a confrontation with him was a bit terrifying since we all know that the most dangerous version of Batman is one where he is either broken or having his back against the wall. Everything about that scene when the time came was mindblowing. You are used to seeing a certain level of violence from Dick, but not from the Dark Knight. It was one thing to know that we were going to get a Batman who has crossed the line, but it was another thing entirely to see that for yourself. Who he made an example of in the process also sent a message about how serious this was. I think what I liked most was how they pulled this off without really letting us see Batman. You could see a figure, a shadow, but nothing too revealing that would take away the fear.

The only thing we were left questioning through this experience was how this was all meant to break Dick. Where the end game was for this dreamscape was my biggest worry for the season finale. I mean, even if there is a season two already set for Titans, we all jumped into this hoping that by the end of the last episode we could call this group of misfits a team. Well, a legitimate team.

Being a dreamscape, this wouldn’t be real if there wasn’t involvement from everyone in the way that they fit into this world. This was creative for the fact that you were getting versions of everyone where they weren’t broken. They all pretty much had what they wanted as well. Just as odd for them as it was to see Dick happy. Luckily no stone was left unturned showing how each of them fit into this world for Dick. Every person in some way had a role to play whether big or small.

Titans Season Finale “Dick Grayson” was thrilling for everything that took place in the dreamscape. However, I still feel as though it is okay to be a bit disappointed by where they cut things off for the first season. A great cliffhanger, but we all still knew what we wanted from the conclusion of the first season for this team. Obviously we all can’t get what we want, so for what we got, this was brilliant storytelling for a show that really wasn’t given a fair chance by some before it premiered. Hopefully many more can look forward to the next season with more anticipation and an open mind.

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