Z Nation Season Finale “The End of Everything” Review

I only wish “The End of Everything” didn’t sound so literal at this point after last week’s announcement. It was a tough pill to swallow for the Z Nation Family to come to terms with the fact that this season is it for Z Nation on Syfy.It has been a pleasure to have practically reviewed every episode of this series since the first episode. It has also been a pleasure following the exciting community as they embraced everything wild about this world and characters. Not to mention the efforts they all put into giving this show one more season. With that said, here we are at the final episode, and there’s a lot to anticipate when this could have become more personal with another light snuffed by the likes of Estes and his cohorts.

It was tough jumping into this final chapter of the Z Nation experience. So much is at stake in this final confrontation with Estes and the forces of Altura, but at the same time there was so much to still take in at the same time. It was a week for us, but for these characters it was only moments ago that they had a heartbreaking farewell to Sun Mei who made the ultimate sacrifice to give humanity a fighting chance for the future. This was also the one move that broke the camel’s back for anyone who was still shaky on what had to be done in order to fight for control of this world. As I have said since the start of this season, we have been set up to brace ourselves for what it would truly mean for someone like George to fight for her dream of Newmerica. Can she cross a line? Between Warren and George, the message kept popping up to strive for justice over revenge. Clearly that meant what would happen at this point where it was time to bring Pandora and Estes to justice. The choice that she made on the spot worked for the circumstance created for her.

Being the finale, the atmosphere was set properly where we felt that anyone could bite the dust in this last hour. Maybe it was a choice that a character made that seemed bold, or maybe it was the way that they were comforting each other in the event of the worst cast scenario. They found different ways to make sure that fear was in the air for those who had something at stake in this conflict. When you’ve been along for the ride this long, you know that this crew will pull the ripcord whenever they see that it fits the story.

With the build-up to this big battle, I would say that it was worth the wait to see what Doc, 10K, Addy, and the Talkers were setting up on their end. It was clever that everything we were seeing was a part of a battle plan. From there, everything simply came down to the execution of that plan set into motion. The first step in their plan was commendable for the effort. That was how you could see that they planned for being both outnumbered and outgunned. The next step? Clever because we were led to anticipate one thing, only to get a very different outcome instead. It all made sense in a good way because there was a mission statement here, and at the end of the day it didn’t help to add to their losses. Their last step, that was the kicker since this part included taking advantage of their adventure up to this point. That is something important to give the writers credit for since anyone could say that those destinations weren’t too beneficial until they saw those benefits in action.

Finally confronting Estes made sense of everything that he has done up to this point. Hearing him out didn’t make him any less of the villain he turned himself into, but it cleared up a lot of things that he needed to be able to say himself. It was even better that they took things a step further to reveal another plan that he was cooking up that you wouldn’t have taken into account because of the animosity generated against the Talkers. Estes’ villainous monologue at the end was the best he had to give us, and more than satisfied his role. He embraced being the bad guy and that is much better than someone who you would have sympathized with over trivial reasons. It also goes without saying that Pandora goes through some big obstacles in a short amount of time. In contrast to Estes, it was chilling how she  fully embraced her role. Everything down to the final fight she put up, and the reveal of what hid behind her mask was worth the wait.

What shocked me was the twist that somehow Cooper managed to escape the trunk of his car to make his way to Altura. The only question was why? He had something to tell her, and it was one hell of a shocker. You knew it wasn’t anything along the lines of pouring his heart out to her, so there was something he must have been keeping from her about their time at the farm. That would be the only way to genuinely catch her off guard. So what Cooper had to tell her was the most jaw-dropping scene for this finale since you wouldn’t have believed him if you didn’t see the proof yourself. The Zpocalypse got just a bit weirder, and in the best way possible.

Citizen Z and Kaya I’m glad could find a way to impress us in every scene. I was always worried about the consistency in relevance of this pairing, and fortunately that was all that it proved to be.

As the Z Nation season finale and series finale, this was the perfect note to leave this on. I don’t think any one of us could have made it to the end of the previous seasons and not hurt from a story that seemed far from finished. This was a story wrapped up, and gave us a little something to remember each one of our heroes by. Like I said above, I was glad to have stuck through from start to hopeful end. Bring on Black Summer whenever that comes out.

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