Review: Firefly #2

As far as things going wrong, this is just another day for the Serenity crew. I admit that I was worried about what would come of this franchise once BOOM! Studios took over. They know their audiences, but this is still one of those stories where you want to be able to give fans the full package. The drama, the action, the heart. Though most importantly you want to do all of this without watering this down for a younger crowd. This is one of those stories where you want to make sure that those reading before are still reading now. They know what to be excited for, and will not find themselves lost.

Where this issue picked up felt like familiar grounds, but it was still fun because honestly there’s still so much about Mel and Zoe’s past that is untouched. I feel as though even if we got through this story of the Unification War, there’s always going to be some stone to turn where there is something these two will have to confront. How Mal and Zoe reacted to this development came naturally. There was fear, there was uncertainty about the way that others would look at them. More than that, there was the shame that they never can help but wear on their sleeves. Not because of what they may have done right or wrong, but because reputation matters a lot in this universe. I’m not going to lie, it was heartbreaking how all of this affected the crew. The tension, the disappointment, and the questioning was a constant throughout. Some of these things pretty normal, however, these were dangerous times for the baggage that these two were carrying.

There was a conversation shared between Sheppard and Sam that I also found very insightful. A small moment, but one that stuck out for sparks of wisdom that you remember missing about these times.

The crew’s new clients were intriguing for the way that they took to the news of Mal and Zoe being war criminals. Since our first introduction to these people, they have had this chilling atmosphere to them for the fact that they do not carry themselves as your typical religious group. The fact that they think they need killers to protect them said a lot, and only caught you off guard when there was little change in this attitude at the start of this issue. Their actions only took things further down that rabbit hole of madness. I think they are refreshing for being more than the crew bargained for. The wave of suspense so far was perfect for what left you bracing yourself for what kind of trouble they would create. That is how these things go despite how predictable that tends to be in Firefly.

It goes without saying how much I enjoyed the bits they threw in there from River. Things may not fully be understood about River at this point, but her ability to read minds for the most part stand out. Just enough that her stammering spoke volumes to the kind of horrors play in the minds of Mal and Zoe. Maybe Mal more than Zoe. Either way, it’s the little things that matter during times like this. Especially for those who may still have questions about the period of time exactly that this run takes place.

Another solid issue for the art team when this was a crucial stage in the first story arc for them to capture. The action was solid, for the most part, when objects and characters were in perspective. I only think a  little time could be put into making sure that there is a bit more clarity. I don’t feel as though enough is going on in each scene that not too far back faces will look blank or inked out. With that said, what stood out the most was the emotional weight that you took from these characters visually. Everyone had a different way of taking in the news that Mal and Zoe were wanted for being war criminals. That look of shame, frustration, shock, all of it they handled pretty well. As for the color work, I would say the best job done there was setting the mood for this chapter. For as consistent as we were seeing “Blood and fire” from a certain someone, that was the color that we also needed to see overlay these pages.

Firefly #2 was equal parts heartwarming and heartbreaking. This creative team did not skip a beat giving us the soul of this franchise in just two issues so far. They have my faith right now that they can do this story and these characters justice. All they have to do is continue tapping into that well of potential and things that haven’t been touched yet by other creatives.

Jideobi Odunze Author

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