Review: Captain Midnight #7


The man out of time has gotten himself in a bit of a jam. Captain Midnight finds himself in a fight like none other as he takes on a secret organization’s brutal assassin, Hollow. As promised, here we learn more about the mysterious Project Black Sky and some other things too. As always Joshua Williamson is able to handle everything that is occurring at this moment and all of them have influence over what comes next.

Joshua Williamson doesn’t fail in making sure that we know who Captain Midnight is inside and out. He’s still figuring himself out, but we are getting more of what we need to know about him as readers who are either new or long time fans from the golden age. This issue as well shows how resourceful Captain Midnight can be when in a position where he’d need more than to physically be able to take down his enemy. Always a great time to take advantage of his scientific mind since he is a scientist foremost. Something which we also can find believable when looking back to his past and see everything he accomplished then which was his time of discovery and invention.

Getting to Agent Jones’ abduction by someone who is able to reveal the unsettling truth about the mysterious Black Sky’s motives is the key moment here. Not only does it give us a little clarity on what is to come, it shows us just how much this world reflects our own as you see who this person is with the knowledge he needs.

It’s great to see that this book is basically the center point for Project Black Sky as that approaches. Jim Albright’s revelation at the end of this issue says it all about how things came to be up to now. The truth of who the enemy is, who is at fault for everything happening right now, and what has to be done now that Jim knows what he will be going up against which is now more than just his technology being abused.

Eduardo Francisco really knows how to handle the action that this story delivers. What I liked most was seeing how battered Captain Midnight came to be during his fight with Hollow as the rest of that Memorial was being torn apart as well. Stefani Rennee also is great on colors with everything from the explosions to knowing how much to use throughout.
If you are interested in following this new world that Dark Horse is creating, Captain Midnight should definitely be the first on your list. The most established superhero so far and one that shows that being a hero is more than just having powers. There are many layers to this story and the element of time makes it one you want to invest your time in to see how everything connects, changing your perspective of everything going on right now in this continuity.

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