Review: Skyman #1


As we approach Project Black Sky, we are now seeing more of these superheroes getting their introduction into this new world Dark Horse is creating. Joshua Hale Fialkov is the best person for this story as he is someone who has done nothing but amazing things when it comes to rising to the occasion if you’ve read his work in the Ultimate Marvel Universe. Things are never perfect and that much you get from the start which is how we end up with this new Skyman.

This approach to what it means to be a hero is a fun way to go into this new Skyman. Right off the bat I liked that they chose someone who had something to prove. Sure it’s for the sake of publicity, but for the sake of characterization that sets US Air Force Captain Eric Reid up for a lot of potential growth. He’s a wounded and frustrated veteran seeking a new lease on life and this is the perfect opportunity for him even if it isn’t one that he asked for. This first issue showed the wonder of being thrown into this world even if it isn’t the safest as we see by the end.

I’d hope to see a good balance between Eric’s life as Skyman and his regular life because it is always refreshing to see a hero like him as a person foremost underneath the mask. How race is involved as well I’d like to see because there seems to be something developing there as well.

This new story is also very welcoming to new readers. It’s not a story where you would have to know about the franchise as it began as a 1940′s radio serial. You jump into this with a clear understanding of who Skyman is and what he is supposed to do. It may even be safe to say you have a better idea of what Project Black Sky will offer since Skyman is that hero in front of the cameras and now known.

The best moments in this issue I’d have to say are when Eric takes flight. Manuel Garcia and Bit really capture the grace of being able to fly, especially for someone who is is basically crippled. Aside from this I really liked Bit’s inking which added a lot of depth to this visually. The color values as well are nicely done.

Very solid introduction from Skyman bringing him back into a forefront of the superhero world. The Skyman Program needed a new face for their initiative and this is a character that you can attach yourself to. Not out of sympathy or pity, but out of the fact that he has never been exposed to anything like this and would have never imagined to. H e is a very likable character and I would recommend this to anyone who wants a hero who may be used as a symbol, but still is more than just that.

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