Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 6 Premiere “Honeymoon” Review

You won’t always look forward to a police television sitcom, especially these days, but if you do? That show is Brooklyn Nine-Nine. I think all of us were excited to find out that this show was finding a new home with NBC. I want to say shame on Fox for cancelling it, but let’s be honest. They gave this a few more seasons than they usually would to other shows we love. Still, we were all fortunate enough that NBC heard our campaign to ensure that Brooklyn Nine-Nine could find new life for this sixth season.

It actually caught me off guard that this season premiere began exactly where the last season ended. You don’t normally prepare for that, but these are the things that help Brooklyn Nine-Nine to break from the mold. I will also give them credit that because of this, and the title of this episode, you were also not prepared for the way that this episode would drop a bomb on everyone’s lap. We all knew what we wanted to hear, but that was not the case. This created yet another humorous opener for an episode since awkwardness filled the air for a certain someone who did not read the room as he should have.

Jake and Amy getting a major honeymoon upgrade was a step in the right direction for them after all the missteps they took up to that point, but even then some things can go too right for these newly weds. The twist to who they rain into during their time in paradise was a great way to shake things up. The person wasn’t too obscure. It was just the right encounter to make certain that they were challenged in their ability to focus on just each other. It was a fun challenge with that said. You know these two can take each other seriously, and that this was the time for that, but they always have a little room for weakness when it comes to helping out those closest to them. For Jake it was fun to see him it quite a consistent state of confusion in what he wanted. For a jokester he does know when to set his priorities which is something to give this character credit for as of late. When it came to Amy, I was impressed with another instance where she is forced to put her foot down about the way it feels to put others before herself without appreciation. Development for this character that I do hope they continue pushing now that she and Jake both have to find that time to be able to show that they are a married couple.

It wasn’t too much of a thing as you thought it might be for Top Dog Terry struggling to live up to his new nickname. Especially when you remember how someone like him tends to come into getting these nicknames. However, it was nice to see this one guy aside from Rosa who takes his job seriously enough to worry about his ability to take charge when Holt is not there. Speaking of Holt, I enjoyed the twist that came his way this season. Things may not have gone as you would have pictured for him, but the direction he now takes makes sense since you don’t want to pull characters in too many directions. This cast is big enough as it is without needing to shift to a whole new setting for just one person.

At the Nine-Nine, Gina and Charles get into a familial squabble and I’m glad that this sub-plot wasn’t made into too much more than it really was. When it comes to these two, their problems have the tendency to be trivial in contrast to what other characters go through. This goes double for Boyle whose goofiness was wisely cast to the side. Don’t get me wrong. These two work great off of one another, but at the same time there is only so much you can take at a time from them.

The Brooklyn Nine-Nine season 6 premiere “Honeymoon” was a solid transition back into the shenanigans of the Nine-Nine crew. It was fun, sincere, and it served as a quick way to tie-up a lot of the things that transitioned over from the season before.

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