Review: Justice League Odyssey #4

Right now this is one of those books where you simply expect the unexpected. Justice League Odyssey offers up the kind of adventure that no other books is from DC currently. Bold for the characters used, and the way that they are given the kind of purpose you wouldn’t get under normal circumstances. Next on the tour bus of the Ghost Sector is Cyborg!

It was a strong transition into this next chapter when another Odyssey member is exposed to the people who worship him. Where Starfire would be more receiving, Cyborg met expectations as someone who might be a bit more taken back by this kind of embrace. When he’s like this, honestly I do find myself having a love-hate relationship with the guy. Never a strike against his writing, but he’s one of those characters who can never reach that place where he has accepted what he is enough to embrace when he can become something more. It wouldn’t even have to be becoming a god. Now you could call that being content, but not when it puts him in a box he can find his way out of. The rest of the cast was to be appreciated when they could at least see some truth to what was unfolding around them.

Where Cyborg gets a pass in that attitude is the way these people actually turned out to be. You had some people who genuinely were looking for Cyborg to better their own lives, but then you had the others who were a strong representation of where you can go wrong when faith takes a troublesome turn. It makes sense that it would be the people obsessed with technological advances. The same could conveniently be said about this follower of Azrael. That guy is definitely someone you want to watch your back around. Which pretty much adds two wildcards to this story. Your reaction was probably the same as Cyborg’s when faced with the reality in what these people think it means to embrace technology. Where someone who is a cyborg might find their condition to be a curse, these people see it as a form to attain. How they decided to embrace The Machine was a good twist since some action is going to have to be taken to ensure that the wrong forces aren’t messed with. If anyone thought they would jump for this opportunity to play God, you would only be half right by the end of this issue.

Given the cover of this issue, I was very curious as to what could lead to Cyborg having to face off against Azrael in a Colosseum. Were they forced to somehow? Did someone finally start to pick up on some bad vibes from Azrael? Just a few questions that roam your mind and the answer was good for the contrast in situation upon discovering these believers of The Machine.

Darkseid’s story was a point of interest when there has been so much unclear about his intentions in the Ghost Sector. There’s something not to trust about the wheels he has set in motion, but there was no telling just what that could be yet. I can tell it will be a slow crawl on that end, but it should be worth the wait since this is Darkseid we are talking about. If it involves him, it has to be something big.

After the work from Sejic to kick things off, you could have asked for a better art team to take over than Phil Briones and Jeremy Cox. These two were made for books like this where the sky is the limit in what these characters can encounter and where. The colors popped out to me first. Cox does an amazing job getting into the spectacle of this odyssey. The best way to describe his colors is bold and vibrant. With that said, finding The Machine followers was an interesting development for the way that these people were drawn. You would have expected the generic mass of machine people who may have had similar features to Cyborg, but the appearances of these people were distinct. Each person in some way showed their faith in The Machine in different ways whether it be tech implanted in their face, body, or other ways. Aside from that, normal for people who come from all walks of life. Between that, the tour of this world, and the Colosseum, there was a lot going on here that they approached with excellent detail. Some artists will try to avoid putting in as much work into a single panel, but they go all in from characters to settings without reliance on blurs and shadows to fill in space. The highlight of this issue was definitely everything involving Cyborg. How he went from trying to close himself off to embracing his believers. A significant change in personality for him. Then we had a few moments where we were reminded just how powerful he is.

Justice League Odyssey #4 takes us deeper into the madness of these races of people worshiping gods they have never met. The reluctance and shock experienced this time around was fitting for what this Machine world had in store for the Odyssey team. Issue #5 should be one to anticipate when right now we are getting two very different reactions to being worshiped as a god.

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