Review: The Terrifics #11

Terrifics no more. The finale to the last story arc for The Terrifics was both thrilling and heartbreaking when everyone was hit with the reality that their mission and bond was pretty much the only thing holding them together. Without any obligation? There was nothing keeping them from moving on to live their lives without the interference from each other. Given what kind of book this is, the question is how long that can last? Something will draw them back together, and that is what we are tuned in for here.

Till then, this was that time to see what everyone else’s life is like when they are given the room to sort the things out that made them frustrated with being bonded. Mr. Terrific’s part was a bit depressing. I’ve followed a lot of geniuses, and he is not like the rest who tend to surround themselves with peers or loved ones. He went back to how things were, and that meant by himself and relying on himself for help. The only thing left going through your head was the conversation Tom Strong had with him about changing the way he treats himself. Plastic Man’s story was no better. It was a tough pill to swallow seeing this jokester hit with the reality check that is what happens when your family is neglected for two-plus years. It doesn’t come without some resentment, misunderstanding, and a lot of tension pointed at the person looking for forgiveness. He may not have been at fault for the neglect, but this was a great focus on the sacrifices that come with being a hero.

I wasn’t entirely prepared for what would come of getting back to Phantom Girl on BGZTL. Unlike the others, she wasn’t ready to give up what could have been if this team stayed as a team. Sympathy is all you could feel for this girl when the people who rescued her and made her feel needed practically abandoned her. And for what? A life she has now returned to that she can barely adjust to? Society on BGZTL really did make her feel out-of-place. It was only Rex who I couldn’t quite feel anything for. The writing wasn’t bad, but what the future had in store for him you could see coming a mile away. Someone like him doesn’t simply pick up on a new life so easily. Not without some struggle and personal obstacles to climb.

Now what I also enjoyed about this issue was that till then wasn’t much of a wait. A great sense of pacing when so much could happen in this issue while also progressing us to that next big development in the plot. When they said that Java was out there putting together his own team to combat The Terrifics, they weren’t kidding. The kind of team he put together was quite convenient, but he is clearly a few steps ahead in terms of power on his side.

The art team of Viktor Bogdanovic, Jonathan Glapion, and Michael Spicer did a solid job this issue with what they had to work with. The previous issue was action-packed and required a lot of work to pull off. This issue took a step back to focus on the characters themselves more than anything else. Mr. Terrific by himself captured a side of him that pointed to obvious loneliness and confliction that comes with someone who chooses work over everything else. Plastic Man was a drastic change in appearance when you could see him being serious, defeated, and heartbroken. As for Phantom Girl, I was caught off guard by the clothing choice of the kind of society her family belongs to. Their style is a bit extravagant. It was an adjustment to consider that this was the kind of planet she came from. As for the creation of this team of Java’s, that was the highlight of the issue because of the creativity that went into who he chose for his roster. Unique versions of The Terrifics who fit his dark nature.

The Terrifics #11 was a good start to this new story arc. There was a lot more depth given to these characters and the hurdles they have had to climb since the first issue. This time apart was the perfect opportunity taken to explore what these guys really had to look forward to on their own. Some have something worthwhile to turn back to, others not so much. It should be interesting to see who is willing to jump back into the fire when the call comes.

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