Review: William Gibson’s Alien 3 #3

I’m not going to lie, I was a bit uncertain of how I would proceed with this book. I’m not one to ever drop a book from the AvP franchise, but I was unsure of where I stood about a screenplay for a movie that was a bit older than me. Not to mention, as a screenplay turned comic, there’s a thing with pacing that you have to get used to. This month’s issue was that point where I personally needed something to happen that would satisfy me as a fan of Alien.

I knew that things were picking up from the discovery of what Weyland Yutani had in store for the samples they acquired. That wasn’t too much of a shock, but everything after that became crucial to where this story took off from there. Especially when there are so many different perspectives taken on this situation. There are those who don’t agree with this by ethical standards, there are those who see the dangers and don’t want to be willing participants. How this issue transitioned from there they nailed for the fact that quickly we got our first taste of where things would go wrong. Things were always going to go wrong, but the real question was when. This was a case of curiosity killing the cat at its finest. From the first scare, to the first death, to the following reaction shots made the wait worth it. So far the powers that be on the Sulaco have proven to be the perfect obstacle for those who are finding out that they have gotten more than they bargained for working for this corporation.

The same could be said for the crew of the Rodina quickly finding themselves in a dire situation as the U.P.P. side have an unwelcome guest aboard their ship. I have to say that this part caught me off guard, but it wasn’t hard to imagine that they would try to attempt messing with these samples themselves. From their perspective this was very interesting since their motivations were only influenced by the fear of what Weyland was doing themselves. Both sides pretty much fall prey to the human condition. The kind where you see power, you try to make it your own, but you ultimately mess with things you have no understanding of. The result got us exactly where we wanted to be in this story.

Pushing the limits of ethics and morality is the stage of this plot where you might make that big decision on if you are all in or not. Everything came down to that point for me, and I have to say that it came sooner than later. Sometimes you want to be patient. A story can take time to get to a place where things pick up. As I said above, I stuck through because the translation from screenplay to comic comes with a curve. The build-up takes a bit more time, but you at least know that the pay-off in most cases will be worth it.

The interior art was good for the consistency in quality carried over from the second issue. What really kicked things off for this story was the visuals created by this art team. This may only be the third issue, but up to this point there was only really the characters themselves to focus on. Not a bad thing when at this point there aren’t any rough edges with the way they are drawn. By the end of this issue, the intensity of this story was cranked to a ten when these people find that their curiosity was misplaced. Meaning we got ourselves some Xenomorphs running loose. Both action sequences where they were loose was stunning for the execution. They didn’t just spring into action, there was a method to their assault. It even helped having a balance between reaction shots and having certain panels where it is just the action of the Xenomorph you see. It adds terror to the idea that they are moving that fast or aggressively.

William Gibson’s Alien 3 #3 was a big step up from the first two issues. Not because they were bad, but because something has started happened. Wheels have begun turning and the pacing has been cranked up. The ball has got rolling as well when greed and curiosity has thrust us into the dangers of crossing path with Xenomorphs. Now the only question is who will adapt to the situation, and who will fall prey to this unwelcome guest?

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