Review: Uncanny X-Men #13

Despite the fact that Cyclops and Wolverine came together to find what they could of the mutant population who could fight for them, the question remained if it would just be these two on a mission. Uncanny X-Men #12 was the answer we needed to who could stand beside these two originals as the future requires a new team of X-Men from the ashes of ‘X-Men Disassembled.

The transition into this next issue was great for the fact that there was one more question to answer. What does it take to save the mutants in a world like this? Most of us had one assumption in mind just based on the cover of this issue, and even then that wasn’t quite what you would have hoped for the direction of this story. The last thing that should have come to mind is the idea that they would go killing off the bad mutants and enemies once more. The conversation that led to their decision was great for the fact that they had to weigh their options based on what is actually possible for them. If the X-Men are simply gone, the cure makes it so that no new mutants can be born, and all the mutant villains are still out and about. What do the X-Men do in a situation like this? Simple, you save and preserve what you can.

Just from that first scene I quickly appreciated the cast of characters they have chosen for this iteration of the X-Men. None of them were the kind you would pick first, but they all at the core have a sense of duty. I only hope that down the road this creative team takes the time to create some deeper connections between some of them that makes this memorable. At the end of the day you don’t want to look at them and just call them the misfits or the leftovers.

Even with it said that their mission would be to save and preserve a future for the mutants left on Earth, that still wasn’t enough to paint a picture in your head of what they were actually going to do. Their first target was hard to argue with when there are certain dark figures who you simply can’t allow to go unchecked. This team’s intentions became clearer once you saw what kind of madness this villain was up to. What we needed was a reminder of what the X-Men stand for, and this first target pulled no punches setting an example. It was refreshing to have a situation where you could say “Mutant problems, mutant solutions” and the problem actually be a mutant rather than mutant hater.

Now I only had one problem with the direction that this issue took, and that was with a certain duo who you would have expected more from by now. It felt a little too convenient that they would try to throw a hurdle in there that would make it so that someone might become a problem for the team down the road. It’s a little too cliche as well for a team at a time like this to have that one person who gets in everyone else’s way. I’m just going to reserve full judgement till that moment actually comes and they execute that scene in a way that helps you overlook the approach.

Another satisfying issue where the interior artwork really grabs your attention. Salvador Larroca is that kind of penciler you call on when you want a story where the detail and quality shine through. His renderings are great for the fact that he can handle multiple characters, constantly changing settings, and even massive fight scenes that have a lot going on at the same time. Their first legitimate mission was impressive for the work that went into said villain who has become so much more than he ever was in the past. The mechanical parts were all unique to him, and in general meshed very well together without looking like an abomination. With that said, when you have a penciler like Larroca, you also need a strong colorist as well. Guru-eFX was that colorist as someone who can handle full renderings with depth. Skin tone, hair colors, textures, highlights, flashy colors for the action. With Guru you pretty much get the full package and he sets the atmosphere just right through the use of this darker pallet.

With the team together, they now have a mission, and everyone on the same page about what they have signed up for. Uncanny X-Men #13 was the best time for this creative team to put all the pieces into place while giving us plenty to anticipate in the coming issues. This is a story with potential as long as they keep giving us more of what is defining about being an X-Man.

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