Review: Buffy the Vampire Slayer #3

It feels like almost last week that we just picked up a new issue of Buffy. A great feeling to have in mind for a series that so far has succeeded in keeping you coming back for more. As I said last month, if you’re a fan, then you know what you want from this series. Adding a new experience just sweetens the deal too.

I was still very caught off guard by how quickly this series jumped straight into Drusilla and Spike as the two big villains of the story. Well, it’s not as if the pool of big time villains was that big, but still you would have assumed that this creative team was going to build-up to that introduction. Not that I’m complaining of course. Where is the fun if there isn’t someone or something to genuinely fear? It helped that Drusilla could even find herself doing her own thing and getting into trouble along the way. One heck of a way to show how she sets herself apart from other vampires than to challenge something that lives to wipe them from existence..

With that said, the encounter between Drusilla, Spike, and this vampire slaying creature was thrilling for the fact that this was not something you could contain within the confines of that magic shop. This was instantly memorable for the way that just about everyone was caught up in some way whether directly or indirectly. Great for the stakes that are higher than your average vampire attack.

How this battle turned out was pretty awesome for the fact that nothing was ever as it seemed. Danger took different forms, there was a couple interesting obstacles thrown in, and it was hard to ignore the kind of help that came Buffy;s way when she needed it most. There was so much that went on in a short amount of time, but all of it flowed smoothly from one scene into the next. This situation did a great job of capturing plenty of these characters in that stage where they are still figuring things out and finding real connections.

Before the issue began, I really enjoyed the little catch-up that they uniquely used through a message from Cordy. It was not something I have ever seen done before and it turned out very well for a quick reminder of everything that happened in last month’s issue. I mean, conveniently it was Cordelia who just so happened to be there for everything that occurred as well. Somehow conveniently right where she needed to be this month as well. I couldn’t argue either because she brings a fresh perspective to the weirdness of Sunnydale. Even if it was at the expense of finally seeing the real Cordelia by the end of the issue.

Dan Mora and Raul Angulo did an amazing job this month on the interiors. I have been commending them the past two issues for the work that they put into the character portrayals, but this month took it to a new level. I enjoyed every scene where they made it worth the close-up to some character expressions and looks that were so delightful for the closeness in likeness. As I said before, it’s not the only thing that matters, but when you go for it, it matters that you are ready and willing to get as close as you can. The action was satisfying as well. Everything transitioned very well from one action into the next, panel into the next. Sometimes you might fear that things might get choppy, and yet that was never once the case. Angulo’s colors really stood out this issue too. There was some color choices that popped simply because they were unique to a supernatural setting.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer #3 set the bar for supernatural encounters in this series. A great balance of being endearing and action-packed, just how you like this series. Once again I can’t recommend this enough as a series that doesn’t fail to hit the mark in giving you everything from the early days and so much more. Anyone who says a story can’t have more depth in comic form hasn’t picked up an issue of Buffy.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer #3




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