Review: Go Go Power Rangers #18

Go Go Power Rangers #17 started with a bang and gave us a lot to anticipate in this month’s issue. Rita is willing to flip every stone to get what she wants, and we now have an Alpha who is now revealed to be the Rangers’ secret ally all this time.

Last month’s Go Go Power Rangers gave us another powerful flashback which once more added to the character history of Rita Repulsa, this month continued to do so, though this time through a version of Zordon who is much younger and on his two feet. Once they revealed this Zordon before, I couldn’t help but look forward to seeing more of the kind of guy he was thousands of years ago. The flashback was impressive for the sense of duty this creative team was able to bring out in him. It was refreshing to see this Zordon who questions his decisions and is just as vulnerable as the Power Rangers who he towers over.

To take things a step further, this was no simple flashback either. What we had to look forward to from Go Go Power Rangers #18 was the reveal of Alpha One’s backstory. This is yet again another story that this series has graced us with. How many people out there who aren’t reading this book have the chance to say that they know the origin of Rita or an Alpha? This may not be our Alpha, but all the same it is a treat to know just how they are created. It was a smooth ease into the creation of Alpha and made sense when exposed to the kind of resources that were available thousands of years ago to create this servant.

Back in the present, it was a point of interest seeing how this Alpha One shakes up the dynamic and coordination of the team. Off the bat it made a huge difference having an Alpha who is not confined to the command center and capable of actually being out there in the field. When you know this Alpha is only making a debut now? It make you wonder where things go wrong. The events of this issue leave you anxious to see where the breadcrumbs lead considering thousands of years can change even a machine.

With everything else ongoing, this didn’t change the fact that there was still Rita and her mother reconnect after all these years. Another awesome development in Rita’s story when this is one of those opportunities you never imagined that would be available to her. There was so much to understand just from their conversation. Mainly in terms of the relationship between Rita’s mother and father. Clearly what led her down this path was not being able to protect Rita from whatever he dragged her into. With that said, the writing for Rita was brilliant here since the next step in her plan was being able to fool this version of her mother who is unaware of her true intentions in activating the Green Power Coin. This could have also been very straightforward, so I enjoyed every bit of this that shook up the direction this could have taken.

Stunning doesn’t begin to describe the work put into this issue’s interiors by the art team of Eleonora Carlini, Simona Di Gianfelice, and Raul Angulo. Firstly, I wasn’t able to talk about it last month, but here we are this month seeing more of this Zordon in his prime and I couldn’t help but love the design of his attire and personality. He had such a distinctive look to him in regal clothing, the little cape, and postured himself like someone of importance. The same could be said about the unique design of Rita’s mother. I loved the significant contrast between them as you could see a more gothic style put into Rita, while Rita’s mother looked more good witch/holy with the color theme of white/gold/pink. That aside, the action scenes were once again exciting for the effort put into nailing everything dynamic about their moves and combinations. The monster was pretty simple, but all the same creative as well for the personality put into it.

By the end of Go Go Power Rangers #18 there’s a lot going on here, but all of it exciting stuff when covering new ground in this franchise. The fun in Go Go Power Rangers is when this creative team takes every opportunity to present us with things the show would have never had the time to get around to.

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