Review: Justice League #21

Justice League #21.2As I said last month, the Justice League just can’t catch a break in this war for the fate of the multiverse. I’m sure that we would all love to see them rise to the occasion as you know they would, but nothing is ever that simple, is it? There would be no thrill in this new situation that Superman faces, the madness of an Imp gone wild, and there would be no thrill in the looming dangers the rest of the team faces as some get sucked into a false future of hope.

It is a rare occurrence when you will have Superman thrown into a situation like this where he could be so helpless. You think of the worst case scenario for someone who feeds off of the power of sunlight, and this is exactly what you get. Clark trapped in a pocket dimension void of sunlight and littered with the corpses of many who came before him to fail in escaping. It was chilling to see what could come of this Superman once he dropped his act. I think we were all anxious to figure out why Superman of all heroes would have to be separated from the rest of the team like this. What could make him so dangerous that he had to be removed from the board at this stage? The answer to that question was satisfying, even though it still left you with a few questions about the specifics of where Superman lies as an obstacle.

In spite of this hopeful future being a trick, I enjoyed every opportunity this creative team took to show us what a perfect future looks like on this world. You couldn’t argue with the results when faced with sides to these Leaguers that you wouldn’t have been able to see under different circumstances. With that said, it was commendable to see that at the same time there was a strong sense of pacing that this part wasn’t quickly lost to exploration of this future when there are bigger wheels turning. This issue wasted little time jumping right into where things aren’t as they seem on the surface. It was worth the wait as well when there could only really be one of three people behind what we were seeing in this sixth dimension. The big thing for this issue was understanding just what this person believed the solution to their problems was. Up to this point we knew that these heroes had to do something bold in order to achieve this level of piece, and it came with one heck of a price. What you have to give credit to right now is that nothing hidden or revealed is anything aside from straightforward.

Back on Earth there was still the madness of one Mr. Mxyzptlk versus Starman, Mira, and Jarro. As I’ve said before, this was a great play to allow occur on top of everything else ongoing. It only makes sense that the Legion of Doom would still be able to pull strings with the Justice League gone, and this was one heck of a plan they set in motion for the sake of creating chaos on a planetary scale.

One thing you can’t take from Justice League right now is having wonderful interior art. For a team book, I always find quality artwork to be the biggest factor in investment, and for a story like this one? It matters just a bit more. I was caught off guard by how prepared this art team was to really dig into the cosmic journey that this could turn into visually. Every scene created a new experience for us because you have never been trapped in such a bleak dimension as the one Superman is trapped in, a world as bright and hopeful as the one the Justice League of Tomorrow lives in, or confronted by a more terrifying version of Mr. Mxyzptlk. Aside from this, excellent detail from the pencils, depth from the inks, and engaging atmosphere from the colors.

This issue of Justice League took us on a wild ride through some big discoveries and hard choices. Just when you think the stakes couldn’t get any higher in this war for the fate of the universe, this creative team yet again cranks the dial. Things are going to get worse before they get any better. Especially when these heroes prefer to cling to their ideals rather than make the hard calls.

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