Review: Go Go Power Rangers #19

Go Go Power Rangers #19If there’s one selling point that you could give someone who hasn’t read Go Go Power Rangers, it would have to be the thrill in jumping into new territory. That is what makes any book like this exciting. You think you know everything, and then you find that there’s so much more that you can learn by diving into corners of your favorite character’s world unexplored.This current story arc has been breathtaking because between the past and present its all new content.

As I said last month, the fun in Go Go Power Rangers is when this creative team takes every opportunity to present us with things the show would have never had the time to get around to. I enjoyed the feeling of being caught off guard by the kind of life Zordon lived thousands of years ago. More so to learn that there was an Alpha before the one we know now. When all of this is supposed to lead to this original Alpha turning on his master, it really makes you wonder why.

Speaking of new territory, this would not be Go Go Power Rangers if the time wasn’t taken to journey into different points in the rangers’ lives that we never got around to in the show. Like before there was a lot to absorb going on at once, but all of it was very captivating of your attention whether it was Kimberly’s family drama, Trini and Jason’s relationship, or the various things these rangers are able to do with their resources that they never took advantage of before now.

Go Go Power Rangers this time around decides to reveal to us the fate of Rita’s mother, and I couldn’t help but feel moved the story they had to tell for her. This was their time to show that she was as formidable as Rita made her seem, and they did not disappoint. I mean we have seen Rita do some pretty amazing things in past issues, but when the only person who can unlock the power of the Green Power coin has to be stronger than her? the time was worth putting into driving that message home. This of course also brings us to the current clash that Rita now has with her mother. At first I was scratching my head because of the idea that this ghostly version of her mother could be a danger, but it was good to have that worry put to rest pretty fast. How this clash between them played out was thrilling since once more we were able to see the power of Rita put to the test. That was a shocker since the thought almost never leaves your head that she should really be able to handle the rangers all on her own.

With so many personal and action-packed moments, this art team had their work cut out for them. Fortunate for us they were up to the task when quantity has never been a problem, and that has yet to interfere with the overall quality between the pencils and colors. Something before that I missed about the character design of Rita’s mother was the chest piece which closely resembles the one wrong by the Green and White Ranger. It was truly clever how they created this connection considering it took the use of Rita’s mother’s magic to unlock that power. With that said, the color work was also wonderful because this was one of those rare times in the Power Rangers universe where you could actually witness a battle between two magic users. The clashing of light and dark colors made their battle exciting. You want to see two powerful forces come to blow and those brilliantly vibrant auras gave you just that.

Go Go Power Rangers #19 gave us another thrilling issue that took us deeper into the corners of the universe of the Power Rangers where we haven’t been. Rita’s meeting with her mother makes you very anxious to see what kind of relationship she truly has with her father. Just as that grabs your attention, so does wondering when that point will come when we find out the true intentions of this Alpha. A schism is always possible with the Power Rangers, but this was one of the more creative ways in creating one.

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