Doom Patrol “Jane Patrol” Review

It’s all about Jane this week! The one character who I have commended them for pushing as hard as they have this first season. It has paid off when we have been given one of the most compelling characters adapted from a comic to TV. Not to mention they have done her powers justice, and continue to do so when this week we have the opportunity to see many more of her personalities in full blast!

Our trip into the Underground was pretty awesome from start to finish. I’ve seen the way the inside of Legion’s head looks when he’s got everyone under control, but this was far more interesting than locking everyone up in a cell. In Jane’s mind there is an intricate system that legitimately matches with the description that she gave us about the way personalities come to the surface. Up to this point I also would have assumed that every personality actually looked like Jane. However, what a pleasant surprise to see that only some look like her while others carry their own face in the Underground. Fitting of course when this allowed much more creativity in character design and concepts that they could let loose with. I was very impressed by how each personality was brought to life through a true manifestation in the role they play to protect Kay.

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When it came to Jane herself, this was a great time to finally understand what makes her tick at a time like this. The impression we have been given up to this point is that she isn’t the kind who knows how to solve her own problems, only run from them. This was a first to see Jane actually do some soul searching. To acknowledge that there is a problem with her ability to play the role of the primary. That or a need to address the emptiness any one of these personalities could experience when each one is essentially just a piece to a larger puzzle. By the end of this episode I was nothing but moved because there is power in someone like Jane taking back control of her life.

To complete this journey, it was worthwhile to also reach this point where we could actually see the trauma which haunts her. Those of us who read the books already know what she went through as a kid to shatter her psyche, but this was that time to make sure that everyone was on the same page. Not to mention present this truth in a way that creates an understanding for what it looks like when Jane really goes to that dark place. This is that monster under her bed, and the one that creeps in the shadows even as an adult.

Doom Patrol Jane Patrol

One of the best things about this episode was the opportunity to actually see Brendan Fraser slip into the role of Cliff. There has never been a problem engaging with this character, but would you really pass up the opportunity to see the voice of the character actually work the role? With that said, it was the right move sending Cliff into Jane’s mind to rescue her. This could have been anyone else, but who would you really trust to care enough about her to reach her? Fraser’s portrayal of Cliff this week was so powerful for the fact that it became more clear than ever how as he said, Cliff has become more human than he ever was before he became Robotman.

Just when you think that you have gotten the best out of this show? Boom, you are hit with some of the most amazing storytelling you could ever get from a comic book show. Doom Patrol “Jane Patrol” was heartbreaking, endearing, and a walking nightmare all wrapped up in one breathtaking hour.

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