DC’s Legends of Tomorrow “Séance and Sensibility” Review

Leave it to the Legends Of Tomorrow to send you on an emotional roller coaster. Even when a majority of the episode is surrounding a road trip where they have kidnapped President Nixon to protect him from his own well of lies. But that was just a piece of the bomb dropped on our laps when the conspiracy runs deeper between Hank and whoever employed him to steal away these magical prisoners. And right now only we have any clue as to who is pulling these strings.

Most of us were probably caught off guard as well when one bomb led to the departure of Hank. This was a character who they wrote well enough that you would have assumed he could live longer than he actually did. Clearly having a conscious was not fitting for someone in his position. The big thing this week was how both Nate and the Time Bureau moved forward from this tragedy. Do they continue to come after the Legends with Hank out of the picture? And is Nora beyond redemption now that she is blamed for a death she had no hand in? Unfortunately, answers for another day. The big focus just happened to be Nate’s ability to find closure after a terrible loss. Nate could have been very predictable when knowing that he has a tendency to be a big kid, but it mattered being able to see him shine through one of his more mature moments.


With the funeral reception or whatever you call it being the next step for Nate, it also wasn’t hard to believe that someone like Constantine might find himself tangled up in performing a séance. The only question was who the heck he could have communicated with in a place like that to receive a message from the other world that rocks him to his core. Till that point, I did enjoy that they created yet another dynamic between himself and Rory. They do work together being rebels, but it was always a toss-up whether they could really go without butting heads being so similar in personality. It helped that their biggest worry was pulling off the séance in contrast to whatever else they could get themselves into being who they are. The answers Constantine got did rock his world, and it was probably also a long time coming. When it was revealed that something demonic was behind the conspiracy, it made sense that Constantine might elevate to a more relevant role.

Despite this, it would not be Legends of Tomorrow if dealing with someone’s passing was all anyone had to look forward to. It kept things interesting to split the time between all of that and exploring 1809 to encounter Mona’s favorite author, Jane Austen. This was a refreshing mission because it is not every episode where you will have the female Legends with the opportunity to do their own thing. It was fun to see how they handled things on their own. Sometimes there’s only some things you can say around others and there was no limit without the guys there to be guys. Their dynamics were fun. Sara was moving about with less weight on her shoulders, Charlie was simply indulging in the chaos, and Mona was simply engaging since this period of time is up her alley. As for Zari, there was probably no better mission or fugitive to toss her way to give her the push she needed to sort through her feelings about Nate.

One could easily argue that there was a lot invested into the matters of the heart, but these are times where you want to cut straight to the chase for some of these characters, with the help of a little substance over style. That’s not to say that there wasn’t style because they set the bar in this episode for the costumes and settings. As they said, this felt like something straight out of a Bollywood movie. I don’t think anyone was quite prepared for this to eventually turn into a musical. Not that I’m arguing either since this is Legends of Tomorrow of course. Only this can happen in a show like this so casually.


This week’s fugitive when definitely one of the most festive. One of the most memorable if you ask me for his ability to actually help some of these Legends, even if his magic was also problematic at the same time. Love is a fickle thing, so the fugitive stood out for his ability to create unpredictable situations.

That just left Ray meeting up with Nora one more time to figure out just what happened to land them in the situation they’re in now. While their backs were against the wall to get those answers, it was enjoyable to finally have this room for them to be together in the same place. Obviously there’s a connection there, and like Nate and Zari, there was no better time to get to the chase of there possibly being a thing. Not that there had to be, but you can only tease for so long.

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow “Séance and Sensibility” took us a step in the direction of heartwarming instead of heartbreaking this time around. Well just a bit heartbreaking through some discoveries by the end of the episode. I was touched by the story told that didn’t require action or things going boom. More so that they could also accomplish this through music.

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