Review: Blossoms 666 #3

Who would have thought that a book called Blossoms 666 could grab your attention like this as a horror story? As a fan of Archie, its hard to read the word Blossom and not think petty twins who you can’t take seriously. Well as I said last month, I feel most of us should be confident in the thrill that will come from expecting the unexpected in this book. This is a series you will only enjoy if you let the story tell itself without expectation.

I say this because who would have also thought that what started out as a story of twins could evolve so soon into a story of triplets? Just when you are falling in love again with their sibling dynamic, here comes the bomb that there was a third who was separated at birth. And not only that, but also in the running to be the one to usher great terror into the world. Can this competition really handle a third competitor? Will this be the point where they reach extremes? How will the game change to adjust to this unforeseen twist? That is what we were here to find out. Just knowing that their challenge to corrupt Betty Cooper wasn’t enough. The devil is in the details considering we are talking about someone who is very difficult to turn to the dark side.

The introduction of Julian was satisfying for a development that came out of nowhere. It wasn’t hard to believe that a third twin could have been born, so everything came down to what happened to Julian after his birth. The answer to that remained up in the air, but answers like this are also not the kind you want to rush into if there’s a reason for withholding. Till that point he makes a great addition as one who is just as devilishly cunning as the other two. Who knows what his true intentions are for popping up at a time like this, but it never hurts having a character in a horror story who can be considered a wildcard.

With that said, this issue played very well into the story progression you would expect to take place with this competition. The only problem that these triplets should face is being able to cover their tracks. They have made bold moves since the start of this competition and that makes it quite easy to create some plot holes in the process. So far we have not seen those, so I would say that this creative team really thought this through between the things the Blossoms can get away with, and the things that they would need to make sure aren’t loose ends.

As said with the debut of this book, Laura Braga was the perfect choice as penciler for this book. For a book that is more grounded than your average horror story from Archie, the visuals benefited from an artist who is able to make these characters pop with definition and detail. When it came to the Blossom twins in particular, it made a big difference distinguishing them by distinctive features. Julian stood out immediately just because of his sharper expressions and darker hair. The other two showed their true colors in other ways when it came down to their forms of manipulation. Looks of comfort, looks of deception, these things mattered when their greatest strengths lie in their abilities to talk others into doing what they want. That aside, some of the supernatural elements did stand out too. They got very creative with the way demons can look. Skulls with many uneven teeth, multiple tongues, and tentacles is one heck of a combination. I do hope that in the issues to come they push farther into the terrors that can be witnessed.

Blossoms 666 #3 shook things up for the best when the stakes couldn’t be higher. Each Blossom is working their own angle, and the only question is how far they will be willing to go to win. Does it end with corrupting Betty Cooper? Or will a twin have to be taken out in order to assure victory? Only time will tell!

Blossoms 666 #3




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