Review: Evolution #16

When there’s nothing between us and these characters like one too many mysteries? That is when Evolution is at its best. Last month’s issue gave us bolder moves, big changes, and deeper exploration into this world. I believe it when they say it’s the beginning of the end because that is the mood they have set.

This issue dived into a chapter where you could actually find Hannah to be quite profound on this path she now walks. Before, I would have labelled her as another one-dimensional character who was lost to her own faith. You know, like most people in a thriller who set themselves up for failure from the start? They shook things up this time around by addressing what now goes through her head after she has reached her destination to still see that not everything is as it seems. She still has her leash, her boundaries, and many questions unanswered. This was perfect for forcing her to begin asking the right questions. Especially when there is no one genuinely guiding the people who she has led to this camp.

With that said, the soldiers have also been written enough when they serve as a perspective taken into those who are human, aware of what’s going on around them, and just as dangerous as those infected. If there was ever a reason for the infected to be a threat outside of dealing with Abe, they have provided a good one without playing up to a cliche.

Claire has been through a lot since her proper introduction into the world of the Kavallis. The scene this issue opens us up to for her was probably one of the most vital since she began to lose Rochelle as well. It was actually about time before one of these two worked up the courage to engage in a real conversation. There’s no going back for either of these two, but what they did in these moments would impact how they move forward with their lives. Or what’s left of them at least. By the end of the issue I was moved by one of the most heartwarming scenes they have produced so far. One where you are hit right in the feels because this is the time for these two to face reality and face each other one last time. You couldn’t have asked for a more meaningful connection to have lasted this long in the story.

While Abe’s serves as the one character who struggles to change, it was hard not to root for him in this chapter. Especially when this was his time to finally confront someone who was at the top. Honestly it has shocked me that it has taken him this long considering how much he was already able to figure out on his own. Regardless, another chilling scene for the guy when he has truly taken the gloves off with his endgame in progress.

For the most part the interior art was more of the same for this issue aside from one side of the story which grabbed your attention from start to finish. That scene just so happened to be Claire and Rochelle’s. For such a beautiful story told between them, this required the art team upping their game as well to match. Stunning work was put into the mindscape created for Claire and a new unique color overlay used. I mean, most of the color choice for them was the same, but the scale tipped towards more whites used which gave their story this calming atmosphere. Perfect for addressing this thing between them that is love that can’t be reached.

Evolution #16 might just be one of the best issues from this series. Possibly the best if you ask me. For a horror book, you just don’t expect this kind of heart to be poured into the story. It worked even if as I said, it was fleeting. Aside from this, it was great to see this continued climb towards big things unraveling with bolder moves made by our main characters.

Evolution #16




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