Review: Justice League #22

The Justice League are going through their own share of obstacles to save the multiverse, but as always an issue focused on just the Legion of Doom in-between. It’s strange to find yourself so invested in what the villains are up to, but this is one of those stories where every perspective matters. In this case it just so happens to be the lengths this team of villains is willing to go to unleash the end of everything upon the multiverse.

Not only are we interested in just the lengths they are willing to go, but the challenges they can face as well. When Lex Luthor first lost Joker and Black Manta, one would have assumed that they were going downhill. However, where’s the thrill in that? Where one door closed, and new one consistently opened for this team leading up to this point where victory is within their grasp through the manipulation of one fifth-dimensional imp. While it became all too obvious where this course of action was going, it was still a brilliant move constructed by villains who can see a bigger picture beyond petty gain. What made this issue different from most involving the Legion is that they only played but a fraction of the story told within these pages. Not a problem either considering there was a greater reason for switching over from the Justice League.

Now the big draw-in for this issue just so happened to hit us right on the cover. When they so boldly tell us that here we will discover the origin of the multiverse? That leaves for some big expectations.Did they meet them? I would say so because this is usually one of those points where I might jump off the wagon when a creative team gets too lost in their own grand story to tell it plainly. Some writers at this stage might go off the deep end and lose you with all the things that you might have to read twice over or thrice before you have any chance of understanding their attempt at something intricate. The only way that something could have gone over your head is if you aren’t too familiar with certain things involving the sons of Perpetua.

The origin we were given was exactly what we needed for addressing everything crucial in understanding what has been unfolding. We understood the part that Perpetua’s sons play in this event, we understand why she was imprisoned, the true danger in releasing her, and what form this judgement will take once it arrives because of that. Just about every one of your questions were answered directly and to the point.

Once more Francis Manapul worked his magic between the cover and the interior art. Where the art has always shined best in this book is when they tap into the cosmic spectacle of the multiverse and beyond. This month was where they were able to complete indulge in what they could produce through a brilliant array of colors. I mean have you ever seen such a beautiful blend of colors put together to render the vast wonders of the great beyond? It helped as well having such a clash of cold and warm colors as well. What brought this all together was the way some of these colors overlay the artwork. Sometimes an art team won’t be bold enough to do such a thing, but when it’s just one person the sky is the limit with what effects you can pull off knowing that it will all blend together.

It is not truly till the end of Justice League #22 that the final form of Perpetua takes her shape, but that was only as important as the opportunity to finally understand the origin of the multiverse. Credit where it is due because I had my doubts about the way this story would turn out. As I said above, it’s easy to go overboard with these stories. You want to go big, and sometimes that comes at the price of losing readers in the process. For everyone’s sake that was not the turnout.

Justice League #22




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